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Get Closer this Holiday with The Words Between Us Couple Journals with 15% OFF Discount Code #MBPHGG21

Tired of talking in circles or feeling disconnected from your partner? The Words Between Us is designed for you and your partner to journal simultaneously as a shared experience. What a great gift to give this Holiday season!

Shemiah Derrick, the author of The Words Between Us Couple Journals, and local to the Chicago, IL area, has completed Level 3 Practicum Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and uses this approach with couples she works with. People change and relationships do too. Sometimes you are able to meet the challenges of the changes and sometimes you need some help. In individual and couples counseling, she works with clients to repair broken connections and help new couples or those on the verge of marriage identify their values and build a toolkit to help them in their new chapter.


For 15 days, my husband and I have been answering questions that are helping us get back to the reasons we committed to each other and discuss the changes we need to fix what’s not working in our communication with one another. We are 100% committed to one another, as we have always been, but we all need a little help in our relationships sometimes, and we are not above using things that will help us communicate better and draw us closer to one another.

For us, it has been an opportunity to truly reflect on ourselves and how we perceive things in our marriage that may not be a truth for the other. This has given us a way to communicate these things to one another that we may not have voiced otherwise. I am thankful we are working through these together!

You can purchase just one, but I think it is best to purchase two journals so you and your partner will have your own to write in freely and without judgment, and it is available in two colors - blue and black - to help avoid any mix-ups.

The Words Between Us includes:

  • Thirty days of prompts to help you break down your thoughts and feelings about each topic;

  • Lined pages provided for you to answer the questions or make note of observations and realizations as you go;

  • A template for you and your partner to develop an action plan to make the changes you identify.


What a wonderful way to get closer this holiday season as things around you may be chaotic - take time to communicate the important things and build your relationship!

Want it? Get it!

Run, don't walk, to get your own set or a set for a couple you know this Holiday on Shemiah Derrick's website or on Amazon!


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