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Christmas Morning Pancakes With TruEats #MBPHGG21 #Review


Thanks to TruEats Modern Baking Company for providing these wonderful baking mixes in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Do you have a Christmas Morning Breakfast Tradition? My Mom was a hospital nurse and growing up, she often worked holiday weekends. When I was in middle and high-school, my tradition became eating breakfast with my grandfather, visiting his cousins, and going on a drive through the country listening to his life stories. We often went to a diner that was run by Orthodox Christians, so they had a different Christmas Day than Western Christmas. Pancakes, Scrapple, toast, eggs were usually the norm. 

Now, my traditions look different. I'm usually exhausted Christmas morning, after 3 services the night before. Most of the time, I end up at someone's home for brunch but during the 2020 Pandemic, I was home alone on Christmas morning. So, I made pancakes using my Christmas molds. Pancakes are great- but not all mixes are exactly nutritious. 

This is where TruEats Modern Baking Company comes in! TruEats doesn't add weird stuff or extra sugar to their baking mixes. They aim to provide baking mixes and products that combine ancient wisdom practices with modern nutrition to help make our foods healthy, safe for us, and tasteful. They aim to combat against the eating practices of Western Culture (particularly in America) that create a plethora of health problems from processed foods. 

All mixes are diabetic friendly, are plant based, and free of dairy, gluten, soy, and GMOs. A portion of all sales go directly to Beyond Type 1, a charitable organization designed to enrich the lives of people living with diabetes. TruEats baking mixes are great for those allergy intolerant, GF, or Vegan. The pancake mix even has a good source of fiber and protein- great for getting through the day.  It also tastes great- something that I've discovered can be difficult with healthy friendly mixes. It still has all the great flavor that pancakes have, without the additives. Mixes are great when timed pressed or not having all the ingredients to do from scratch recipes, so I do appreciate TruEats in this regard. 

In fact, the mixes even give ideas on how to create vegan recipes. I'm definitely not vegan or GF (I love my breads and pastries for sure) but this is great to know because I do have people who are vegan in my life. Just substitute out milk, eggs, and oil for your vegan/dairy-free products to make your wonderful baked goods.

TruEats also provides a wonderful Monk Fruit Sweetener as well. If you haven't heard about Monk Fruit, it's a natural based sweetener that helps with blood sugar management and weight loss. Sugar is in soooo much stuff y'all! 

Monk Fruit Sweetener can have the same affect in baking, your morning coffee, or whatever you use sweeteners ..including hot and cold items, like Tea. There is definitely nothing artificial in this sweetener, so for those with health concerns, its a perfect sugar substitute. 

I don't claim to be extremely healthy. I love bread, pastries, and things that are not necessarily health for us, but I've been on a journey to change my eating practices. I'm glad to know that there is a company out there that aims to help us and not hinder us. I love baking, I love sweets. Combining these two things together with TruEats products definitely make me happy. Now.. I just need to not eat the whole pan of brownies! 

This Christmas Morning, serve up your pastries and pancakes in with some health components to it. We often don't even realize how much extra sugar and processed stuff is in our baking mixes, so whether it's Christmas Morning Pancakes, Chocolate Muffins, or brownies later in the day.. TrueEats mixes are great for providing energy to get you through the Christmas Day adventures!

We are proud to feature TruEats Modern Baking Company in our MBP 2021 Holiday Gift Guide. Head over to the guide to see all the great suggestions for this holiday season!

Want it? Get it!

Get your TruEats Baking Mix now! Currently, TruEats is holding a Holiday Super Sale, so check out their website for the discount codes.  Amazon also has TruEats products available. 

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What's your Christmas Morning Breakfast/Brunch Tradition?

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