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Many thanks to Guru Nanda for sending over the Honeycomb in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Does this holiday season feel hard for you and yours? For some reason, it is for me this year. I'm having trouble finding the joy and feeling the holiday spirit. It's been a hard year of ups and downs, combined with 2020, so I know it's all catching up with me now! 

GuruNanda products help us take one day at a time, find our way to healing and wholeness, and regain our energy through their humidifiers, diffusers, and essential oils. 

Even if you aren't a "good karma" type of person, it is necessary to take time to center yourself, to be at peace with yourself, and to do a little bit of self-care somehow throughout your week. Guru Nanda's Honeycomb diffuser and amazing essential oils will help you refocus, re-center, and find your inner you in a world that seems to have lost its way. 

The Honeycomb is perfect for any living space. It's small, practical, and colorful. It is super quiet- you won't hear at at all! It's very lightweight, so that makes it easy to travel from room to room (or take with you during those holiday travels to the family). 

The Honeycomb runs for 6 hours, has 3 mist settings, and 7 different colored lights. Of course, for those of us who need pitch black to sleep, the light setting can also be turned off.

The base is easy to clean, to remove, and to reconnect. There is a clear waterline located inside the base so that you know when it's full. Holding 90 ML of water and a few drops of your favorite oils, you will rest, sleep, and relax easy. 

I've had the "breathe easy" Guru Nanda oil blend going today that consists of peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, basil, and tea tree oils. Typically I use this with congestion or allergies problems, but I also find peppermint seems to renew me and give me energy, so once in a while I'll put it out there for that too. 

The HoneyComb is actually a diffuser and humidifier in one- which is great for these weird fall days when you need the heat, ac, and nothing all in one week. Putting an appropriate amount of moisture into your living space will help you feel hydrated, energized, and will even help you sleep well. 

In case you aren't aware, humidifiers and diffusers have different purposes. Humidifiers add moisture to the room. Diffusers exist solely to add fragrance to a room. Humidifiers can relieve discomforts- stuffy noses, scratchy throats, itchy skin that comes with dry air. Diffusers release aromatherapy scents into the air that help us with stabilizing our moods. 

The best part about a combo is that humidifiers with a diffuser allow air to be moisturized WITH releasing oil scents into the air to help us focus and re-center. 

Guru Nanda oils are non-toxic, sustainably sourced, and are made with natural products. They take care of their workers with fair pay, try to help with sustainable farming practices, and build relationships across the globe. They also want their customers to feel well and try their best to keep pricing for us down too. 

Whether gifting to a friend in need of peace, or finding your own way to inner wellness and wholeness, Guru Nanda products make great gifts this holiday season. Shop the Guru Nanda Holiday Gift Guide if you need to find the perfect product for your loved one. 

We are proud to feature Guru Nanda  in our MBP 2021 Holiday Gift Guide. Head over to the guide to see all the great suggestions for this holiday season!

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