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5 Most Crucial Commercial Vehicle Safety Hazards


Commercial vehicle drivers frequently praise the advantages of the job: liberation, flexibility, and, of course, the power to traverse and visit many different areas of the United States. While these benefits are adequate to draw in enthusiastic drivers, some significant hazards come with this profession that commercial vehicle drivers should be mindful of.

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What Are Some of the Common Commercial Vehicle Driver Safety Hazards?

Commercial drivers face several safety hazards. This is due to their role and the environment they directly impact - the road. In addition to this, these drivers face various of different non-fatal incidents. Such incidents include: 

  • Tensions and Sprains

  • Common fractures

  • Gashes and lacerations

  • Ergonomic injuries (for example, soreness and pain)

  • Numerous traumatic injuries

What Are the 5 Hazards Related to Commercial Vehicles?

1. Accident Hazards

Drivers can face several accident hazards relating to their jobs. It can be connected to the items they are transporting, loading or unloading and more. The following are just some of the examples of accident hazards that can occur: 

  • Explosions caused by dangerous cargo

  • High risk of vehicular accidents

  • Increased risk of exhaustion 

  • Falls, trips, and tumbles 

  • Concussions due to bodily overexertion

2. Physical Hazards

When you are constantly driving, even the vehicle can become your enemy. It has been reported that being exposed to engine noise for an extended period can cause permanent damage. Engine noise greater than 80 dBA results in severe headaches and sometimes even hearing loss.

  • Vulnerability to ultraviolet (UV) radiation

  • Exposure to intense heat or cold climatic circumstances can lead to detrimental health consequences (for instance, heatstroke or frostbite)

  • Whole-body vibrations may damage musculoskeletal roles and add to fatigue

3. Chemical Hazards

  • Vulnerability to poisonous substances while hauling dangerous cargo

  • Increase in risk of rare and common skin diseases

  • Exposure to dust and different substances (for instance, when navigating on desert roads)

  • Acute poisoning due to exhaust gases

4. Health Hazard

There are multiple common health hazards when it comes to driving non-stop. While we hear that the most significant disadvantage about the job is the lack of sleep and being on the go from drivers quite frequently - there are a few more that can be dangerous to a driver’s health. Some of the additional typical health hazards documented include:

  • Obesity (Excessive weight gain that is incredibly unhealthy)

  • Sleep apnea (Insomnia and general sleeping troubles)

  • High blood pressure or hypertension

  • Depression

5. Ergonomic Hazards

  • Driving in one position for an extended period can damage your posture and increase the risk of lower back pain as well as other musculoskeletal disruptions

  • Eyesight can suffer due to eye strain caused by poorly illuminated roads 

The Bottom Line

It is vital that commercial vehicle drivers entirely comprehend the risks and possible hazards they may encounter once on the job. Furthermore, it is fundamental to gain insight into lowering the risk of disease, harm, or even death.

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