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Woof Woof and Meow Meow Your Way To District 52! #MBPHGG21 #GIVEAWAY


Thank you to District 52 for sending this cute gift set in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Every year, I struggle with finding unique and fun gifts for my sister. Neither of us really "need" anything, but we already send money via venmo for birthdays, take trips together at least once a year, so it's fun to gift items her family doesn't need but would love. 

Sixth months ago, my sister's family got a new pup after losing their black lab after 11 years. Charlie is a straight-up puppy and is so full of life! I receive pictures all the time of this dog sleeping on his back, in my niece's chair, on his bed.. wherever he sleeps. 

So when I heard about District 52, I knew I found the perfect company and gifts for my sister! This company customizes items using your very own photo of your favorite pet! From dogs to cats, from mugs to towels, there is certainly a gift for any pet-lover at District 52. 

District 52 has several different "stores" for pet-lovers to choose their perfect gift item! The Pawsitively Personal store has great items that can be custom made featuring your favorite dog, cat, or other animal. 

The process is so simple too! In fact, I told one of my friends about them, and she ordered right away after finding an item her husband would love, because he works from home and their pet is always at his feet. In fact, when she received the proof, she exclaimed to me in a text "It's stinkin adorable!" and she's so excited to receive the final product for her hubby. 

The process works like this: find the item you like, answer the provided questions, add your high-res photo as an attachment, record your email account and hit submit. A delightful proof will arrive in your inbox for you to review before finalizing your product. District 52's owner, Lisa, and I worked together to make sure that I liked the image and it was doable for the mug gift-set. Finding an image in which a pet is sitting or lying in a great position can be difficult, but she works her magic to make it happen!

District 52 works with you the best they can to make your image the best it can be. High Res images are the best for these gifts. Images can also be made for both left and right handed folks, especially mugs. 

District 52 and I worked together to create the "This is My Relaxing Mug Custom Gift Set". The image of Charlie the Puppy is creatively placed on the couch. The gift set contains a 15 oz mug with custom photo, 2-4 packs of Little Belgian Original Speculoos Cookies, and is shrink wrapped! 

There are many gift sets to choose from as well as standalone products! 

If you are bird lover, make sure to check out the "This Bird Wears Clothes" store for great items. They all feature a bird... wearing clothes.. on your favorite mug! From quotes related to your favorite movie to decade quotes (Totally Tubular in the 80's!), these will make great gifts for your bestie.

Speaking of your bestie- does he or she love wine? Then head over to the Cork Tales portion of District 52. These custom made wine, whisky, and can cooler labels will feature your pet, family or friend! Who wouldn't love seeing their face on a wine bottle? Okay.. maybe we shouldn't answer that question, but it's still fun to gift to a friend or family member! 

District 52 has amazing gifts that are fun and thoughtful. This holiday season, splurge on something unique. Grab some coffee/tea/hot chocolate to go along with all these great mugs and boom.. perfect gift! 

We're proud to feature District 52 customizable gifts in our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide
Be sure to visit our guide for even more amazing product suggestions to gift your loved ones this holiday season!

Want it? Get it!

Shop customizable mugs, towels, and more at District 52! There is about a 3-5 lead time for custom photos so make sure to order early for the holidays! 

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Want it? Win it!

One lucky MBP Reader will win a Bon-A-Pet customized mug and towel. 

The giveaway is open to US residents, 18+. Products will be shipped directly to the winner once the winner's information is confirmed. Mommy's Block Party is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Just use the handy RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Come back every day to get your entries in.

Thank you to District 52 for sponsoring this giveaway!

Do you and your pet relax together?


  1. My dog was sleeping on his back with all 4 legs up.

  2. My dog was sleeping in the baby swing.

  3. One of my cats used to pull the couch cushions off so he could sleep on them. Each of my cats sleep with all four paws in the air.

  4. My cats and I like to watch YouTube videos while relaxing.

  5. With her head hanging half off the couch on her back.

  6. It's pretty typical for all of our cats to crowd onto the couch while I watch Netflix or YouTube.

  7. We have a dog that acts like a cat and she has slept on my daughters head in a ball.

  8. My dog was sleeping half on the chair and half off she was super cute!


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