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Top Tips To Help You Choose The Right Paint Color At Home

Paint is one of the easiest ways to transform any space in your house. In some cases, it can simply be applied directly to the wall. In others, you’ll need to add a primer and then your chosen paint color.

Whatever you choose it is important to spend a few moments thinking about which color is right for the space you want to paint. 

Existing Soft Furnishings

If you are planning on re-doing the entire room then you don’t have to worry about color matching too much, simply choose your favorite color and get everything else to match afterward.

However, be aware that this isn’t always as easy as it seems. Choosing the color first can leave you struggling to find soft furnishings that will match.

For example, take a look at these stunning peach rugs, it’s easier to find a color that matches them than it is to match them to an existing color.

In short, you are better off choosing your couch and rugs before you choose your paint.

Color Balance

The next stage is to consider what you can see from any given spot in your home. Colors need to work together. That means if you can see the colors in one room from another, they need to work well together. In general, this means choosing colors that are similar to each other. 

Of course, you’ll want to start with colors that you like. This gives you a starting point to build from and find the perfect color.  

Available Space

Don’t forget to consider the light entering the room and the size of the room. The more light that enters the bigger the room feels. However, if you have a small room with minimal light you can make it feel larger by using pale colors on the walls 

Equally, darker colors will result in the room feeling smaller. However, smaller rooms can also feel cozier. That’s worth considering when choosing a paint color as it depends on the size of the room and what it is used for.

Look Around

If you are struggling with inspiration then look around you. Check out the colors friends have used and look in shops and cafes to see what color schemes have been chosen and why they work together. At some point, you’ll find a color that talks to you and you know you’re on the right track.

This is a very effective approach when you have a blank canvas. 

Focus Points

Many people choose to paint one wall a different color in order to create a focal point. This can be a good idea but you’ll need to assess what area is first looked at when you enter a room. This is the area that becomes the focal wall. The color of the focal point doesn’t have to dictate the color of the rest of the room, but they are going to need to work together.

Don’t forget, when choosing color get plenty of testers and try them out to see which one pops for you. 

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