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Tips On Reducing Stress During Motherhood


The journey through pregnancy can be a stressful one, with plenty of ups and downs on the way. From adapting to your body to ensuring your new baby is healthy, it is perfectly normal for emotions to be all over the place, but knowing how to cope can make the process much easier. Stress is not only an uncomfortable way to spend your time, but the added hormones can have an impact on your baby, so we’ve pulled together some of our top tips for keeping calm and managing your emotions.

CBD oil

The natural properties of CBD are widely known among consumers of all ages, being great for pain, stress, and getting a good night’s sleep. For expecting mothers, CBD is a popular alternative to medication as it can help reduce inflammation and regulate moods in a safe way. There has also been research to suggest that CBD can reduce the symptoms of nausea, helping with morning sickness when used regularly. Ensure you purchase your CBD from trusted suppliers and if you’re new to the world of CBD, find the best product type for your needs on https://cfah.org/, choosing CBD oil which is extracted using ethical methods that contain no added nasties and are fully legal to use.

Gentle movements

When you are feeling flustered or in discomfort, the last thing you may want to do is get up and move around, but sometimes it really is the best medicine. Take small steps by going for a five-minute stroll around the house or put on a simple yoga video to help you unwind and take your mind off of things. Simple breathing exercises are another powerful way to reduce your stress levels, helping you stay grounded and regain a sense of composure, feeling instant relief so you can go about your day in a calmer mindset.

Regain your control

Whether it is the fear of the upcoming labor or anxiety about the new addition to your family, wobbles are a normal part of pregnancy. However normal they may be, try not to let them get the better of you by letting them pass as you bring back your control. A powerful method is to get yourself into a comfortable position and tense each part of your body for 3 seconds before letting it fully relax, engaging every area one by one. Start at your toes and work your way up to the face, tuning in to your body and focusing your efforts here. This method is also recommended during labor, helping you relax the body and store your energy.


Especially for first-time parents, knowing how to prepare for your new addition can feel overwhelming, worrying that you may not be doing enough to get ready for the big day. Writing a physical list can help, allowing you to tick off jobs as you go and prioritize the importance of each, establishing whether they really are a necessity. Although it may seem like a case off too much to do with too little time, don’t put too much pressure on yourself as not everything needs to be done before the day that your baby comes along!

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