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The Lesson My Parents Taught Me

Hi Mommy friends. I hope you are having a great day so far.  I am enjoying my weekend by spending time with my in-laws and my God Daughter.  It's moments like these that remind me what blessings really look like. They also remind me of lessons I took away from being raised by my parent. "You should support and love your sisters because when we are gone you are only going to have each other." 
That seems to be a heavy thing to say to a child but it is something that sticks with me all these years later. I cannot imagine a day without talking to my sisters. I swear I go through a withdrawal if I don't speak to Vanessa daily. Mariah just had a new baby and I'm blessed to be her Godmother. Lindsay on the other hand took a step back from our family because of trauma we experienced as kids and we barely speak.
Well, I titled this the lessons my parents taught me, but I only shared one lesson. The truth is that harsh lesson as a child turned into a journey of lessons. You can be supportive and love your sisters up close or from afar. Nothing will come between us and no matter where the other one is in life we will always have each other's best interests at heart. We grew up to have our own values as parents in spite of and because of what we saw, learned, and experienced growing up. 

What is your biggest lesson?

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