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Pregnancy Secrets You Need to Know if You’re Planning to Start a Family


When you're expectant, everybody from your In-laws to random people on the subway seems to be willing to give you unrequested counsel, views, and labour nightmare stories. Should you really be drinking/eating/wearing/filling-in-the-blank?:-  You'll eventually figure out how to pleasantly smile sweetly and nod while shutting them out.

Believe us when we say it's a useful talent. However, there are a few guidelines that all expectant mothers should know—and chances are, even your fresh-mom BFF won't tell you about them. While the following advice from random people may be unwelcome, bear these items in mind while you're going to expect:

1. Avoid Eating for Two


No one would ever try to criticize a pregnant woman for her strange desires for whatever it is they would like to order or eat in a restaurant or at home. Take a chance! People may encourage you to eat anything you want, keep your belly satisfied, and the traditional, "You're eating for two now," in a good-intention effort to not be inquisitive or disrespectful. Except...sorry, but this is something you should not do. We're not implying that it'll be simple.

The truth is that most pregnant women find it difficult to restrict their weight gain during pregnancy—and being assured you can splurge just makes it more difficult to refuse. However, if you eat for two, forgetting that the other person is as big as a Chinese eggplant and doesn't require those extra fries, you'll acquire too much fat, which might create issues for you and your kid currently and in the future.

Moreover, once you give birth, you’ll have a hard time losing the weight you gained while pregnant and it might be depressing for some people.

2. Pregnancy is Difficult—and it's Fine if You Don't Enjoy it


People seem to feel pressured, nay, compelled!—to remind pregnant women that they are having the most wonderful experience possible. While it is great to bring a new life into the world, pregnancy is not without its challenges. There's no denying that what's going on within your body is incredible, but it'd be wonderful to be aware of how uncomfortable it may be at times.

Don't assume you're a bad mother just because you can't tolerate frequent toilet breaks, hurting back muscles, and bloating. Not to mention the constant throwing up and emotional changes.

Pregnancy is difficult for any woman, and no one cherishes every moment of it. Your skin will change and you will not love it. That is why you or your spouse should make a point of reaching out to body care products suppliers. While you cannot help yourself in anything else, you can do this for your skin.  Nonetheless,   You can adore your unborn child without also loving all that accompanies the nine months of growing him/her.

Additionally, if you have a friend that you know is expecting, this is among the best things you can give them. It’ll allow them to take care of their skins while pregnant. To make it even fun(for a friend or spouse), get unique packaging from wooden box suppliers and watch them get all emotional as they open it. 

3. You're Gonna Need Maternity Clothes


We've all met the woman who tries to hold on to her "elastic" clothes as long as she can before succumbing to maternity wear. Who are we kidding with this? We've not only met her, but we've also been her. Your dearest acquaintances and family just need you to feel better about yourself at this period of change in your body, hence they may tell you, wrongly, that you don't seem pregnant at all. You're pregnant, and you appear pregnant, which is fantastic! It's not necessary to conceal it.

4. You'll have to Put in Some Effort to Get Back into Shape


It's no secret that regaining your pre-pregnancy body is difficult for most individuals. Pregnant women should be aware of the arduous job that lies ahead of them.  Even if they're 3 months after they'd had the baby, they are nowhere near ready to slip back into those skinny jeans. Lying to them that they'll be back on track will only harm their confidence. People, tell it like it is! And if a lady claims she didn't have to work at losing weight since it magically came off on its own, then she's lying.

So, you need to be prepared to work out until you lose that baby fat, or at least most of it. But, you can always drink lots of water frequently. It helps a lot in a weight loss journey.

5. After Childbirth, You'll be an Emotional Mess


If there's something you can count on after childbirth, it'll be a crazy ride of emotions. Actually, most women find the period after their baby is born quite difficult.

Your body has gone through so much in such a short period of time that it's natural to feel a wide range of overwhelming emotions. This will be better than listening once again to another person tell you that you're expecting a daughter since they can simply tell by looking at you.

The Bottom Line

Pregnancy will not be easy and it’s okay if you feel terrified or lonely or confused. You need to give yourself a break since it can be tiring to be in that situation in the first place. All the best!

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