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New Family Traditions

Between my husband and myself, we have three families. My mom's family, his mom's family, and his dad's family. For years, we have made the rounds each and every holiday, splitting and dividing our time to see everyone, thereby spending a huge chunk of our day traveling. It hasn't been enjoyable for either of us and I always said that when we started our own family, we would put an end to the holiday hustle. Our beautiful son is ten months old and it's his very first holiday season. True to my word, we're starting new holiday family traditions. 

I've signed myself up to host all of our family under one roof. Thanksgiving is set to be a gathering of 20+ people, three families all mingling together with one very special little boy in common. As hosts, my husband and I will be preparing the turkey and everyone else is bringing the side dishes, potluck style. I hope this becomes the new norm moving forward. I want my son (and any other future children) to remember his holidays with all of the people that love him under one roof. 

Other holiday traditions I hope to establish as a family are wearing matching pajamas on Christmas Eve, going out to choose and cut our own Christmas tree, and snuggling up to watch movies together. It's important to me that I take the time to slow down and experience the magic of the holidays through the eyes of my child(ren) while they're little. I am so thankful that our families can come together to celebrate the holidays as one, for the sake of the child that they all love.

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