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Make the Holidays Sweeter With Great Jones Sweetie Pie! #REVIEW #AFFILIATE #AD

Thanks to Great Jones for sending the Sweetie Pie over in exchange for my review. This post does contain affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase (at no extra cost to you!) 

This year, I'm heading over to a friend's home for their family Thanksgiving. Yesterday, while discussing the menu and if I could bring anything (you know- in typical southern fashion, the guest asks and always gets told "no"), we also talked about pies and pastry crust. 

I don't get to use my fabulous pie plates all that often. When I do, I sure do love to show them off with fabulous recipes! I happened to mention that I really like making my own pastry crust, which, to most folks is an anomaly, even for the retiree. Store bought and premade crusts usually win out in lieu of taking the time to mold butter and flour into something special. 

No matter whether you are making great- grandma's pie crust or using store bought crust, Sweetie Pie is there to make your holiday season even more fabulous! With the rise of preservatives, sugars, etc. in foods, many are reverting to homemade items to control ingredients and keep their families safe (especially those with dietary restrictions!).

Great Jones exists to help the regular cook feel fabulous in the kitchen. With pots, baking pans, cast-iron, casserole dishes, and yes, even pie plates, there is definitely a cooking or baking item for any level of cook! A nod to cookbook author and editor Judith Jones, Great Jones bakeware exists to help the average person make anything and everything that our families love to eat! 

Whether you are new to the kitchen, perhaps in your first apartment or home, or need to replace that pie dish that was knocked off the counter by the over-excited family member last year, the Sweetie Pie will make Thanksgiving and Christmas even easier! 

The Sweetie Pie is a 1 quart dish that is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. It can withstand very high temps, even be used under the broiler. I'm not a meringue person, but I do know that meringue needs high temps to properly brown. 

Sizing: 10" diameter and 2" tall with a 2 lb. weight makes this the perfect dish for taking your favorites to the neighbors or to family for that special celebration. It has a riveted edge, great for making that perfect crust for the famous pecan or pumpkin pie!

The ceramic dish means that your pie can go from freezer to oven safely, without needing to worry whether the dish will crack or break. Glass dishes can't do this, so I love this feature in stoneware! 

I also love the fact that pie dishes can be used for more than just sweet pies. From classics like pot pies, to quiches and tartes, the Sweetie Pie will be a staple in your regular kitchen attire. It won't just be on display to be used a couple times but used all year long!

For my onion tart that I quickly made one evening, I used puff pastry, found at my local Lidl. By the time I sautéed the onion, the puff pastry was defrosted. Since it's just me, I didn't need a whole "pie" but used the dish to set up the tart. It wasn't fancy, but for me, it was simple and a great meal!

Great Jones really wants customers to feel at home in their kitchens. This year, ditch the grocery store pie and spend the time baking your own. I always find a sense of pride when I accomplish a homemade pie- and feel great when others admire my art! Even if you think you aren't a baker, the Sweetie Pie will turn you into one really quickly!

I can't wait to use my Sweetie Pie even more! I'm contemplating making a chocolate mascarpone pie for Thanksgiving because pumpkin will already be served! 

Want it? Get it! 

Purchase your Sweetie Pie in one of the 4 available colors or as part of the Fully Baked Set! 

Free shipping is available for orders over $100.00 until 12/31! 

Don't forget to check out the other bakeware and cookware, like the 5 piece Family Style Set that Great Jones offers! 

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What pies do you love at Thanksgiving and Christmas?

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