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How To Plan An Eco-Friendly Wedding: 5 Green Wedding Ideas


Well, when you're about to begin a new life, it's essential to make certain changes and make correct decisions. It is vital to eliminate the negative aspects and enter into a whole new positive atmosphere, and that can begin from your BIG DAY itself.

But how? We all know the consequence of wastage and where it is leading the world environmental condition. And to prevent that, you can go for a green wedding!

Green weddings are slowly coming into the limelight. It necessarily doesn't mean you would have to wear leaves, but by making slight modifications, you can indeed go a long way! So, if you're already convinced about getting yourself a green wedding, it's time you start reading our blog! Below we have come up with the best ideas to give you a wonderful, memorable green wedding. So, check them out!

5 Green Wedding Ideas to Have an Eco-Friendly Big Day!

Vendors and the customers are right now coming on the same page and are finally thinking about giving thought to the well-being of our environment. And since weddings are an essential part of our lives, we can make a massive difference by making them eco-friendly.

So, let's check out our brilliant ways of having a green wedding:

1.      Flowers and Loads of Greenery!

We might often think that the choices are limited in this case. But that's not the right way to think. Flowers and greenery are a part of nature, and they can make your wedding décor look magnificent.

Apart from having a lovely green décor for the venue, you can also think about gifting each other something thoughtful yet keeping nature in mind. And one of them can be the forever rose box – it's a unique way of telling your loved one you care your them yet think of the environment too.

Besides, you can even go for dried flower decorations that plenty of florists are currently making. And this is indeed going to make your wedding look unique and extraordinary.

2.      Go for Rental Things

We often have the habit of purchasing something for a particular occasion and keeping that in the storeroom when the purpose is solved. Similarly, since it's your big day, you would intend to buy plenty of things.

But if you want an eco-friendly wedding, you can think of going for rentals.

Plenty of companies are going for this option right now, and it's proving to be beneficial monetarily and for the environment. Go for rental dinnerware, glassware, and other décor items to avoid wastage.

3.      Fashion with Sustenance

We all wish to look our best on our wedding day, and then we think of purchasing the best-branded clothes we wear for a day and then leaving them in the cupboard to gather dust. But do you think that is the right thing to do? Well, I'm afraid, indirectly, that is also wastage! Wastage of resources!

So, why not go the vintage way? Think of getting yourself a vintage dress that was once bought by someone else. Or you can also use bits and pieces of things available, just like what Cinderella did! And we're sure you have any stepsisters destroying it for you. So, think creatively and go for sustainable fashion.

4.      Feed With a Heart and Mind!

Everyone wishes to treat their people in the best way on their special day, isn't it? But how to do it keeping all factors in mind? Well, for that, we'll help you. You can go ahead and speak to your caterer to get you food according to plates. And when people don't turn up, you can easily pack it up for later consumption or have it sent to some old-aged homes.

5.      Wedding Cards – The Digital Way!

Even the world right now is working digitally, then why shouldn't you? So, go for invitations in a greenway. Don't go wasting loads of money behind getting yourself a designer card, spending loads of money on the paper. Instead, get yourself a digital designer and send everyone an e-invitation. That's a sweet and thoughtful way to save loads of paper from the environment.

Final Thoughts

As we have approached the end of our blog today, we hope you know exactly how to plan your e-wedding. So, don't hold yourself up; to make a positive change in your life, you can indeed begin from your big day.


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