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How OMRON Nebulizers Have Helped Me Teach My Son How to Manage His Asthma


This post is sponsored by OMRON. All opinions are my own.

Happy almost-end-of November! While fall is in full swing all over the country, we're just starting to get a little taste of fall weather in North Carolina. This is the time of year that the unwanted heat starts to taper off a bit, and we experience cooler temperatures, dropping leaves, and it feels like actual fall. Our weather is extremely unpredictable in NC. Just a few days ago, it was eighty degrees, and we had a tornado warning issued for our county. All this to say- we could still be in shorts when Christmas rolls around.

When you're used to actual weather seasons, you tend to know when the heat and allergens start to dissipate. It sounds so nice- like it would be such a relief for anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies. Where we live, seasonal allergies are more than just seasonal- they tend to last the entire year (sort of like mosquitoes) without giving us a break. I've shared with you that everyone in my family suffers from allergy issues throughout the year and that my son, who just turned eleven, has it the worst of any of us.

Fall in NC sometimes takes us to the beach due to warm temperatures.

Not only does my son suffer from indoor and outdoor allergies, but he also has asthma, which makes dealing with allergies even harder- or at least, that was our family's experience until we began navigating our asthma journey with the use of OMRON nebulizers. In previous blog posts, I've talked about why we decided to ask our doctor about introducing a nebulizer into our asthma treatment routine for our son. It all started with a simple, honest conversation, which led to a diagnosis and treatment plan. While our son's asthma isn't something that will go away, and he's not likely to grow out of these allergies, we feel better knowing that we have a plan in place to treat his asthma at the first sign of a possible asthma attack.

While there are lots of treatment options for those who suffer from asthma, the absolute best thing we've been able to do for our son is to make him feel comfortable using a nebulizer. OMRON nebulizers are made for both kids and adults, which means there isn't a one size fits all only option. We love that OMRON caters to families, and works to help parents understand how to help their children feel confident in knowing how to correctly and safely approach an asthma episode, no matter where they are.

Trips to amusement parks and fairs are easier to manage, thanks to having an OMRON nebulizer with us.

Being able to take time to breathe is one of those things we literally take for granted. To asthma sufferers, breathing doesn't always come easily. It can be frightening to see your child struggling to breathe, and what's worse- worrying about their respiratory health when you can't be with them (at school, etc.). Portable nebulizers like the Portable MicroAir® Battery-Operated Nebulizer by OMRON are great options for older kiddos and adults who need to be able to stay on top of their asthma 24/7.

In the beginning, our son was apprehensive about using a nebulizer. This honestly came as no surprise, as he reacted the same way to an inhaler. After spending a good month or so getting used to the nebulizer, our son quickly realized how awesome it was to be able to turn to the nebulizer when he felt like he needed it. He knows the signs that an asthma attack is nearing, and he is comfortable using the nebulizer with adult supervision. All our family caregivers know how to operate it, though it's really easy to learn how to use it quickly and safely on the OMRON website.

Portability is the best thing about the nebulizer. It's battery-operated and can be used virtually anywhere. It barely makes a sound, which means our son can use this nebulizer without disrupting others, no matter where he is. It's a literal life-saver at school- especially when we don't know what the day's activities might entail. 

Happy boy, happy mom! Thanks, OMRON!

Using a nebulizer to manage our son's asthma has significantly improved his quality of life. Just this year, he has been able to participate in activities such as running in a fun run for the first time and joining an after-school club that spends a lot of time outdoors working on campus beautification and community service projects. None of these activities would have been possible for him before our positive experience with an OMRON nebulizer.

We just added a sweet new baby to our family in September. Having one less thing to constantly worry about has been amazing. We're actually able to enjoy fall activities, rather than having to sit them out, worrying about our son having an asthma attack.

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