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How Can I Help My College-Bound Child?


When your child shows an interest in attending college or a career path that requires further qualifications, you may be incredibly proud, but also apprehensive. Going to college can be a great experience for a young person. Yet it is quite normal for a parent to worry about how their child will fare without you there to guide them. There are ways that you can help to prepare your child for their college years, even from a younger age. The support you give can be financial, but also give them some good life skills which can help to make their time there a little bit easier.

Setting up a child trust fund could be quite useful when you are no longer the person responsible for putting meals on the table for your child. This could also help towards some of the trips or excursions that your child might wish to partake in, both academic and those organized in social settings. If your child’s college doesn’t have a meal plan that you pay for, this money may also help them to be able to afford nutritional meals, rather than relying on cheap, junk food. Starting this fund when your child is small means that they will have the option to use this money while at college. Even if your child decides later on not to attend, the money could still be invaluable to helping them gain their independence. 

Some other ways you can help can be through teaching them important life skills at a young age. As your child grows, they may become more capable to help around the house. Although this may not seem like something that could help them at college, the ability to live independently can be incredibly important. Something as simple as being able to make their own food, or clean their clothes, can make a big difference to their ability to live away from home, whether in the college dorms, or by renting privately.

The ability to manage one’s time is also a skill that can be taught. When your child leaves for college, it can be all too easy for them to be swayed by the temptations that come from parties and other social events. Teaching your child to adequately balance time spent studying with other aspects of life could prove to be quite crucial. This can help them to make sure that assignments are completed on time, that there is a possibility for leisure time, and even allow them to create an effective sleep schedule to keep them healthy and prompt for classes.

Sending your child to college can be an exciting and daunting time. By helping to prepare them to manage their own studies, as well as keep themselves safe and healthy, you may be able to set them up for success. On top of this, some of these skills may be able to benefit them throughout life, rather than just in the near future.

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