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Guiding Your Children Through the World of Fashion


Being an in-house wardrobe stylist is another function that a mother should consider adding to the extensive responsibilities of being a parent. Mothers have been in charge of their children's wardrobes since they chose the first adorable baby sleeper for them. 

By the age of three, a kid has developed their taste and begins leading their mother toward clothes and shoes they want to wear. Don't be shocked if your preschooler begins to take charge of their clothing selections. 

At around that age, children begin to build their identity and begin to separate from you. This is a secure yet simple approach for them to begin asserting their individuality. Let’s discuss various aspects of and the role you play as a parent in the fashion development of your child. Do read on to find out more.

Self Expression


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Have you noticed that whatever you think is charming receives a firm nay from your child? Instead, kids are much more likely to be affected by what their friends wore to school. While you don't want your children to succumb to social pressure, you should offer them the opportunity to choose what they buy and wear

Parents have a significant influence on their child's personalities. By establishing the correct beliefs in their children, parents may play an important role in shaping their surroundings and community.

Compassion and Clothing

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However, a parent must walk a tight line between providing their kid the required independence and advising them on what may benefit or hurt them. Children are impulsive; therefore they must be taught not to focus primarily on their outward looks. It is critical to teach and remind kids that a person is more than the clothing or shoes.

A simple action like making a list of clothes that can be given as charity to anyone in need before traveling to a retail outlet may go a far toward teaching a balanced attitude to an otherwise irregular spending frenzy.

How to Communicate Through Fashion

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Parents should teach and encourage young kids to make gender-neutral decisions. They should eliminate preconceptions that forbid guys from wearing pink or encourage little girls to only dress up like princesses. Although simple, it is a powerful method of educating children to be open to diverse options and individuals, and it may go a long way toward molding them into better individuals that are not constrained to gender stereotypes.

Dressing to the Occassion

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Parents should instill in their children a sense of what is appropriate for every event and what is not proper for a certain location. A graphic shirt with an unacceptable language or slogan on it might be swapped with one with a good and appealing motto. Teach them how to make conscious decisions by allowing them to pick clothing and communicate why they made that choice. You can then correct their decision in a positive tone.

Making Store Choices

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Choose a retailer or two to visit before taking your youngster to the mall. For example, if any of you dislikes the majority of the clothes in a specific store, you should simply avoid it. Alternatively, go to a reputable store or pick a place you have never purchased clothing before. This strategy may fulfill your child's yearning for a change by allowing them to choose their own attire.

In a shop, allow your youngster to browse the racks while you give occasional direction, such as pointing out items in their size. Find ways to appreciate what they've selected, allowing children to make their own decisions with mild encouragement helps them gain confidence.

Discussing Perfumes and Colognes

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A child may not need to make these decisions at this point in time as perfumes can be quite strong for a child. However, this should not stop you from educating them on the various forms of perfumes out there and the importance of not making a choice that will not excessively alter their natural odor. You could pick a perfume bottle design, or two, and purchase some samples from a reputable manufacturer. The important part is to educate for the future.

Discussing Budgets and Finances

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It is completely OK to discuss a budget with kids before a shopping trip. In other circumstances, parents can gently lead their children to make an alternative choice in case they pick an outfit that is outside the budget range. When children have a choice in what they wear, they adapt to the notion of 'getting dressed' on their own quicker, which is yet another stride toward independence.

Nurturing a Child’s Interest in Fashion

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It is not uncommon that a child presents interest in the fashion world, this may present itself as you take pictures of them (modeling) or they may want to style their sibling or friends at times. The option doesn’t matter, what matters is how you nurture this interest as a parent. 

Consider conducting research with them by contacting various experts in the field. This may prompt you to call up fashion bloggers, stylists, and even Las Vegas trade show booth builders just to know the different ways they can be involved in the fashion world. You could also buy a makeup brush and kit for them to experiment with.

The Bottom Line

Our children's clothing and accessories choices help them to develop an identity by themselves. The aim is to allow their personality to shine through instead of pushing them to fit into a role that does not describe who they are. Take your time, and remember; you are there to guide not make choices for them.

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