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Thanks Smart Planner Co for sending over these great planners in exchange for my review. 2022 looks even better organized! All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

If you randomly walk into my office on any given day, my desk will be full of an array of items: an opened paper calendar turned to next month that contains all my personal stuff with work thrown in, a weekly pad filled with lists- thing I've done, things to do, people to call, stuff to remember, and a google calendar open on my SideTrak screen that lists all things building and people related for work. Yep, that's a lot of planning, right? 

Smart Planner Co aims at providing its customers with ways to stay organized, dream, and achieve their goals. The 2021 year has had it's ups and downs and I'm so ready for 2022 to come. Hopefully, my dreams, goals, and aspirations will remain on point, but, as with anything in life, I'm ready for that curve-ball! 

The SmartPlanner Pro Dated Calendar has become my new best friend this week. As a youth director, church worker, and as someone who tries to have a personal life, there is a LOT to keep track of! Dates for retreats, dates for future meetings, dates for summer activities, birthdays, far off in the distance rescheduled concerts.. you name it, it's in my planner.

The Smart Planner Pro has a monthly calendar feature, which I find very necessary when responded to emails about dates far off in the future. It's easier for me to flip through paper than to get the correct date on the google calendar (and then jump back to the current date when the conversation reverts to something happening in the near future, not the far off future!). 

It has a weekly section that allows you to track your goals, your "to-dos", your dreams. The Smart Planner helps you track out your month, your year, so that you have follow-through with your ideas and growth. I also love the quotes and inspiration it comes with too. AND the fancy stickers for appointments, time off, self care! 

My Smart Planner Weekly Pad has become my new favorite resource. Instead of having a ton of sticky notes, notebooks, and pages filled with things, there is now one resource that has it all! Along with weekly goals, weekly habits, priorities, and even affirmations. Remind yourself to follow through- drink that water, get that step-count in, and take care of your soul! Obviously mine isn't all filled in yet, but each week seems to fill up fast! 

I also have the aspiration that 2022 will be a big year in my financial life too. With the Smart Planner Budget Journal, I'm set for keeping track of expenses, getting that debt paid down, and see where the money goes! 

With sections for monthly expenses, debt snowball accounting, and more; your financial dreams will be a success in 2022! There's even room to write down what you can improve or how you want to change your habits!

This holiday season, if you want to give a gift that your friends and family will love, gift them a Smart Planner. Even if they aren't on point with their organizational skills, the Smart Planner will allow them to track everything- from personal appointments to work deadlines to meeting health goals! I would certainly love receiving these planners and journals as a gift! 

We are proud to feature Smart Planner Co in our MBP 2021 Holiday Gift Guide. Head over to the guide to see all the great suggestions for this holiday season!

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Do you use paper or electronic calendars to keep track of your schedule and goals?


  1. Right now, we're using a family calendar to *try* to keep track of our family activities, but the process isn't perfect and neither are we. Looking forward to exploring how a smart planner can add more organization to my life!

  2. One of my favorite ways to plan and stay organized is to use a different colored pen for each family member's activities. I'm always pink!

  3. "What do you use to keep track of your family's activities?" Planners--something like this would be great!

  4. usually on my phone but I love planners

  5. I usually use my google calendar on my phone. It makes it so I can set reminders for myself.

  6. At the moment am using a simple paper planner I got at the dollar store, nothing too fancy but these planners are very nice!

  7. I am kind of old fashioned, so still use calendars and planners. I try to do something digitally and it doesn't work well with my phone so I still use paper forms of keeping organized at this time.

  8. My house is over run by sticky notes upon sticky notes!!


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