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Gift Flare and Style With Nadine West Subscription Service! #MBPHGG21 #REVIEW


Thanks Nadine West, for sending over this month's package in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

My Nadine West Subscription Service journey began in September. Doesn't that seem like many moons ago since we are almost to Thanksgiving? Where has the fall gone?

The pieces of clothing that I've kept have definitely become staples in my daily attire. Unfortunately, the lovely green dress is put away as the weather turns cooler, but this is the south, so y'all know we will get those Indian Summer days again! 

From cardigans to blouses, the subscription service journey surprises me each time. Why? Because, I never know what's going to arrive in the box, what I'm going to hate, what I'm going to love, and what will/ won't fit. For some, this might be frustrating. 

For me- well, I think it's worth it. Why? 

  • Nadine West ships directly to my door (erm, package hub). 
  • I hate shopping and trying on clothing in stores. With a passion.
  • Supply chains have left big box stores with low inventory. Even our smaller boutiques are suffering.
  • Nadine West is affordable. 
  • It is super easy to send clothing back. 
  • There is usually at least one or two items I keep every time. 
  • I can cancel, post-pone, or stop the orders if I don't want them anymore. 
Of course, the downfall is that you do have to keep up with your subscriptions- like with everything else, the fee comes out automatically. There is a tight timeline to return items so I have to make it a point to run by the post office to use their big blue mailbox every time, as we don't have one that large in my apartment complex. 

Some of you might say, well, I really don't need that much clothing. So, go through your wardrobe and pull out what you haven't worn in a year, what's dated, what's just plain worn out (we all have our shirts and pants with holes we try to repair and cover up).  You might be surprised at what you can rid your closet of! Then, you will see that you have room for some new items. 

Or, you could be like one of my friends. Recently, she was looking for a dress but couldn't find anything that fit her well in the department stores. (Seriously- what's up with the Prairie Dress trend again?). She asked more about Nadine West and expressed how frustrated she is at the clothing in stores. I've encouraged her to try it out at least once. 

Wouldn't it be so great to gift a subscription to yourself or a friend so that you can feel fabulous and look fabulous too?  It would! Especially in these days where we are so bombarded with negativity! 

So, back to my most recent shipment. This is #4. As it turns cooler, the styles and colors of the clothing have changed with it. There were a lot more darker colors in this package. 

I was sent:
- 1 Navy Blue Blouse
- 1 Pair of Navy Blue "Jeggings"
- 1 Pair of Black Bottoms (sent back) 
- 1 Forest Green Sleeveless Tank 
- 1 Sage Green Dress (sent back)
- 1 Pair of Earrings

I kept the Navy Blue Blouse, the Green blouse, the Jeggings, and the earrings. I have to be honest- when I pulled the jeggings out of the packaging, I was like, umm, no way I'm fitting into those! But, I did, and they are comfortable! 

The Green Tank had this pretty lace at the bottom, but I'm still not sure. I wore it around town with a sweater today and kind of feel like I'm swimming in it! I know these are meant for layering tanks, so I thought I'd try it out and see! 

The Green Sage Dress was long sleeved and a really pretty color, but the material was the kind that showed EVERYTHING. Yea, everything. Over the years, I've come to terms with my body style and shape (doesn't mean I'm not working hard to stay healthy), but I'll never be the type that can pull off the clingy material that shows every curve and bump. 

So, this shipment was a toss-up for me. I loved the colors, but the fit didn't really go so well. I think this is what happens in subscription services- you win some and lose some. Don't keep that from pushing you to try something new and add some excitement into your wardrobe though! 

Take your Style Quiz and add some pizzazz to your wardrobe this fall and winter! 

Want it? Get it!

Start your own Nadine West Subscription Service by creating a profile and signing up today! 

Don't forget- this could make a fabulous gift for your self, family, or friends! 

We are proud to feature Nadine West in our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide. 
Head over to the Gift Guide to see what else is featured this year! 

How do you shop for clothing these days? 

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