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Banana Samba is 100% Natural and is a vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free banana caramel, that is easy to carry with you on the go! It is great for before exercise, after exercise, the 3 PM slump, as a potassium replacement a lunch box solution, and a treat craving with absolutely no guilt! What’s not to love?

Banana Samba was founded by Carla and Ruth Wahnon, who grew up enjoying bananada in Brazil. The company is proud to introduce this authentic, 100% natural version of this enduring favorite. The care with the product starts with the highest quality ingredients. The bananas (Cavendish) are naturally ripened in small family farms. No ethylene gas-induced ripening process and you will not find more than three ingredients in any of the Banana Samba versions.

Banana Samba slowly cooks ripe bananas until they caramelize their own sugars and create a scrumptious dessert that was all the rage in colonial times in the tropics. Add a little pure cane sugar for extra sweetness and you end up with the irresistible dulce de banana or bananada. Fast forward 400 years and the dessert became… Banana Samba!

My favorite was the Chocolate Banana Samba with its delightful chocolate-covered banana flavor. What a great all-natural pick me up for my afternoon slump and so easy to carry with me wherever I go! My husband’s favorite was Banana Samba Fit with Chia seeds. They were great for pre- or post-workout and were individually wrapped, making it easy to toss in his gym bag for a quick snack. Our teenagers even enjoyed the bite-sized deliciousness! That’s saying something if you ask me! Teens can be quite picky with what they eat.

Banana Samba is a good, on-the-go snack, perfect for healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. Each fun size piece of Banana Samba is packed with flavor and nutrition. It is equivalent to one-third of a banana and because it is individually wrapped it is convenient to carry everywhere. They are a great choice for an alternative to artificial energy shots and bars for something simple, natural, and convenient.

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These would be wonderful stocking stuffers for the health enthusiast or person with allergy issues! Delicious too! Buy some now at their website!

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  1. These are so cool! Letting the natural sugars in bananas caramelize to form bananada sounds delicious. I really want to give these a try!


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