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Beauty & Spa Night Stocking Stuffer Round-Up #MBPHGG21 #Review


Thanks to 7th Heaven, Piggy Paint, Rock the Locks & Sophi for these great products in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Do your littles or younger teens ever express their desire to be a part of the beauty world? My niece has loved playing hair and make-up for a couple of years. Yet, there are so many products that are full of chemicals and just not great for her age (let alone for us as adults!). 

It can be hard to find beauty products that are safe for anyone, let alone the children in our lives, so here's a stocking stuffer round-up just for an at-home spa night! Whether you purchase as stocking stuffers, white elephant gifts, or for yourself, these products will make their recipient take a moment to breathe and do a little bit of self-care beauty! 

For the Adults: 

7th Heaven

For a spa-like experience that is also vegan & cruelty- free, 7th Heaven products will take you on a journey to relaxation and wellness.  Facial, Foot, and Hand masks renew and repair skin by ridding of the dead cells, repairing existing, and moisturizing for new cell growth; leaving hands and feet soft and smooth. Facial masks help rid of pesky pore-clogging oils and dirt. 

Not just for women, these masks are available for men too! Check out the age recommendation before allowing your young children to partake in these masks. While a fun at home spa night, they might not be suitable for all skin, especially at such a young age! The two kinds I were sent both have an age recommendation of 12+. 

The Intense Cinnamon Clay Mask is really great to use when you need to zap oily blemishes. Best for normal skin, it goes on like a regular mask and washes off easily too. Make sure to use your favorite moisturizer afterwards, as your skin is stripped of stuff. I wouldn't say my skin was flawless after use, but it was definitely rebalanced. 


Natural Nail Polish for the win! I don't really invest in the time (or money) to get "real" pedicures that often. Yet, I do love some freshly painted nails during sandal season (which is practically all year, except one month, where I live). 

Sophi has some great products that are free of all harsh chemicals, vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. A product that is every nail-polish lover's dream! Don't forget to grab the gel nail polish remover and the base/top coats. These are must when prepping your nails- as well as the nail polish remover sticks. I can't wait to find some time to "do the nails" with my niece!  

For the Kiddos:

Piggy Paint

Sophi's younger version is the best for toesies of our littles. Piggy Paint is made up of the same formula as Sophi- with all of the same results! In great kid-friendly colors, piggy paint will make even the littlest in your life feel special during spa night! 

My niece loves pigs- of all variety, so I know she will absolutely love the name, as well as being able to use the product. She will receive a 4 pack of scented piggy paints in her stocking this Christmas- which will be super fun to watch her open! 

For best results, blow dry nails using warm heat/ low blower setting and don't forget to use the base and topcoat too! 

Rock the Locks

Made by the creators of Piggy Paint, Rock the Locks provides the same non-toxic, chemical free, products that we have come to love. Especially for kiddos, these hair products don't have sulfates, parabens, or any of that other stuff found in hair products that we all hate. Whether it's a shampoo that colors hair purple or pink, or just a regular conditioner, Rock the locks has it all.

My niece has long curly red hair, so I know that Rock the Locks Curl Boost will be perfect for her after she uses the Total Softie coconut oil leave in conditioner and the Not So Knotty detangling conditioner. These products should make it easier for her to manage her beautiful hair! 

We are proud to feature Smart Planner Co in our MBP 2021 Holiday Gift Guide. Head over to the guide to see all the great suggestions for this holiday season!

Want it? Get it! 

You might be able to find most of these products in local retail but head over to their stores for direct shipping! 

7th Heaven

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Sophi Nail Polish

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Piggy Paint

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Rock the Locks 

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