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Air-Fry Your Way Through the Holidays With Okaysou! #MBPHGG21 #REVIEW


Thank you to Okaysou for providing this air fryer in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I don't typically jump right into kitchen gadget crazes. Yes, anyone who knows me knows that I love all things kitcheny, but I don't really buy many products these days. Coffee makers, toasters, and other gadgets are kept until they are on their last legs. Baking Products, while neat and fun, take up a lot of space and I have plenty of those!

In June, I was visiting my sister's family and house/ dog sat for a while. I used their air fryer every. single. day. It was soooo much easier to cook chicken, veggies, etc than heating up the oven and making the kitchen (or living space, in my apartment) hotter than it already is during those southern summer months. 

When the Okaysou Air Fryer showed up at my door, I was very excited to put this gadget to use! I was hesitant because of space and sizing issues, but this model is the perfect size. It's not heavy, it doesn't take up too much counter space, and it's super simple to use! 

It fits well in my small counter space. I won't store is there, but, it is a fabulous corner if I'm going to use it several times in a row! 

The Okaysou Air Fryer features smart controls, a temp range of 180-400 F, and offers a 4.3 qt capacity. For large families, this air fryer might be too small, so foods would probably have to be cooked in batches. For smaller families, it's just right to get all of your meats and veggies cooked perfectly! 

The package comes with the 4.3 Quart Air Fryer, 1 non-stick plate, and 1 user manual. When setting it up and using, make sure to place away from areas that can be damaged by steam and leave about 5 inches behind and in front of the fryer. 

Veggies, potatoes.. even apples! Air Fryers can cook almost anything! 

It's recommended to wash the air fryer basket and plate first. There is a basket release button that should only be released after the air fryer is used on a flat surface!

Using this air fryer is super simple too! Preheating the air fryer for about 3 minutes is a must to get it hot. The instruction manual comes with simple settings and preset settings for all our favorite foods. This air fryer claims to even cook a cake! It contains customizable times and temp settings as well.

 Don't forget to check your food during the cooking process, especially if you are unsure how long it's really going to take. The basket release button makes it a breeze to pull out and check foods. Just remember to set the "start" button afterwards, or the air fryer institutes its internal shut-off mode after a few minutes. 

Crispy potatoes for the win..
 sorry, they were so good, I didn't take photos before I dived into them after cooking! 

The Okaysou Air Fryer comes with some other helpful functions like auto standby, pausing cooking, and even a reheat button! 

Simple notes include: refrain from overfilling basket, don't fill basket with oil but spray foods with oil if you desire it to be crispy, and use an instant read thermometer to make sure foods are prepared properly. 

Even air-fry apples are great! 

There is even at tip on how to convert conventional oven times into air fryer times! Reduce temp by 25%, cut cooking time by 20%!  This air-fryer even has a cake option- so you could cook your cake right in the basket! Of course, your cake pan has to be small enough to fit into the basket, but I imagine individual servings would work great. 

Cleaning the air fryer is super simple. Use a brush to lightly clean the heating element, a sponge to wipe out the side, and the basket is dishwasher safe. Never submerge the entire unit into water or place in the dishwasher.  

Overall, this is a great air-fryer for the smaller family, individual, or someone who is new into the gadget world. It will certainly save time and energy (after all- who wants to turn on the oven in the middle of the summer!), so grab yours today! Also- save your money from heading through those drive-thrus. Whip up your own potatoes, veggies, and meats in a snap on nights when time is limited and the family has to head out the door to the game! 

If you are looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, you have found it! Anyone would absolutely love the Okaysou Air fryer- from moms to apartment dwellers, its the perfect kitchen gadget for the foodie in your life! 

We're proud to feature the Okaysou Dance 430 Air Fryer in our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide
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Want it? Get it! 

Prepare great foods with the  Okaysou Dance 430 Air Fryer  this holiday season! 

Currently, the air fryer is $89.9! Such a great deal for the holidays! 

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What's your favorite food to air-fry?

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