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5 Ways to Use Cosmetic Rounds


Looking for a replacement for makeup wipes or disposable cotton pads? You may want to try cosmetic rounds

Makeup wipes do a poor job at removing makeup and can actually be harmful to your skin. Since you don’t use any water when cleansing with makeup wipes, you end up just moving the dirt around on your face. With how many chemicals that makeup wipes typically contain, they can also dry out and irritate your skin. 

In comparison, cosmetic rounds are made with a soft terry texture that exfoliates the skin and removes makeup thoroughly. They are gentle on the skin, but strong enough to remove dirt and sweat from your pores. 

Similarly, disposable cotton pads are just too soft to effectively cleanse your skin. Furthermore, they’re messy and terrible for the environment!

The best part about cosmetic rounds is how versatile they are. Not only can you use them to exfoliate your face, you can also use them as a toner pad or as a face mask remover. 

Today, you can even find cosmetic rounds that are reusable and machine washable. Simply plop them into the washer and they’re good as new! Many rounds in the market today are also antibacterial. 

It can be scary trying new products for your skin, but rest assured; this one is legit! Without further ado, here are 5 ways to use cosmetic rounds!

Makeup Removal

The first way to use cosmetic rounds is for makeup removal. Unfortunately, a lot of women neglect this part of their beauty regimen. 


It is absolutely essential to remove your makeup every day. Going to sleep with a makeup-filled face can lead to higher rates of acne and cause your skin to age quicker.


In addition, it makes your life harder the next morning, when you need to apply makeup again. Whenever you apply makeup, you want to have a fresh palette to work with. If there are remnants of your past makeup look still on your face, it’ll be difficult to build a new look. 


Applying Cleanser

It is also essential to exfoliate your skin. Instead of using your hands or a pad though, you can use a cosmetic round. 


Before you wash your face, make sure to wash your hands. Your hands are one of the dirtiest parts of your entire body. You don’t want to touch your face with them unless they’re clean. 


Once your hands are washed, soak a cosmetic round in some cleanser. Slowly rub it into your face, massaging gently. Make sure to wipe down the edges of your eyelid to remove any makeup. 


When you’re done cleansing your face, push your hair back and cleanse your hairline as well. Use a hair tie if you have long hair. 


If you suffer from pimples or redness, you may not be cleansing properly. By using a cosmetic round to wash your face, you can feel confident that your skin is actually clean. 

Applying Toner

Facial toner prepares your skin to be moisturized. Once you’re done washing your face, you should apply a toner. 


Toners help balance the pH of the skin and also get rid of any excess oil and dirt. You’ll get rid of  most of the filth by cleansing, but you need a toner to finish the job.


To apply toner, grab a cosmetic round. Soak some liquid into it, then swipe it across your face, neck, and chest. Pat it down until it’s evenly distributed. 


Use a toner in the morning and at night. If your skin is sensitive to your toner, you may want to cut it down to once a day or every other day. You may also want to try a gentler toner. 


Exfoliate Skin

Exfoliation is used to unclog pores and increase collagen production. People typically exfoliate by manually scrubbing their face or using an exfoliating product. 

If you have an exfoliant already, simply soak it into your cosmetic round and apply it as you normally would. Follow up with a humectant oil or serum to help reduce irritation.


Exfoliating your skin promotes cellular renewal and removes dead skin for your face. It also stimulates microcirculation in your skin.

Applying Astringents

Astringents are similar to toners. They are liquid-based formulas that remove irritants from the skin’s surface. 

However, they’re usually applied after cleansing. If you have oily skin, you may want to implement an astringent into your routine. 

Just squeeze a small drop into a round and apply evenly to your face. They can be very drying, so be sparing with it. 

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