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Your Go-To Guide for Deciding the Best Earrings for Your Lifestyle


Finding the right earrings for your face shape, lifestyle, and level of comfort is essential to feeling good in your jewelry. Whether you like to keep your style simple, go bold, or dress up only occasionally you can find the right everyday earrings for you. 

First it’s important to think about how you wear your jewelry. Are you someone who never takes off your jewelry or removes pieces every night? This can help you determine what kind of material, earring back, and shape you should decide. Selecting higher quality materials is always a good choice if you wear your pieces everyday. No one likes irritating or itch inducing materials rubbing on your sensitive ears all night.

As for earring backs there are so many options available. If you like to sleep in your pieces then you want to pick a pair of earrings with a comfortable back. Huggie earrings, small hoops, and studs with a flat back are a good choice for those who are side sleepers and don’t want poking or prodding behind their ear. 

When you go to decide your material of choice its important to select irritation free options. Your post can be 14k gold, 18k gold, gold vermeil, sterling silver, or platinum to prevent irritation or that dreaded green halo. You will want to pick earrings that go with your other pieces from your jewelry collection. If you typically go for a gold necklace then stick with your material of choice for the most cohesive look. 

For those who never take off their earrings its best to avoid studs unless they are super high quality and secure. A stud backing can get caught, pull off, or be wiggled out of place easily when sleeping or showering. Huggie and hoop earrings are one of our favorites for easy wearing. The way huggie and many hoop earring styles are designed is with an unclosed locking mechanism so there are no posts to pock the back of your ear! They look ultra sleek on the ear as well but are still easy to remove if needed.

When it comes to the shape of your face your earring choice can help accentuate or elongate your face depending on what you want. If you have a round or oval face and want to create more lines than picking a geometry or highly structured earring can help. If you have a square or rectangular face with more angles then a hoop can help soften your face. If you want to appear longer and more elegant a long drop earring can make all the difference. 

The size of the earring you choose also helps! A chunky short earring will make your face appear wider while a thinner longer earring will make your face appear slimmer. There are so many ways you can play up your look with earrings. A messy bun can be easily elevated by a small pair of gold hoops. A sleek ponytail can become your go-to look if you pair it with the right pair of earrings and a personal bar necklace.

It is easier than you may think to curate an earring collection to compliment every occasion. Whether you’re going on a date night, to brunch with your friends, or to a special event having the right earrings can make or break your look. 

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