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World Mental Health Day

Life changes so quickly and some of us cannot adapt to the changes as quickly as others.  In 2018, I was feeling out of sorts. I had everything I could want in life but felt incomplete.  I was tired, irritable, and cried a lot.  My husband told me he thought I was depressed and I pushed it off because I wasn't "sad" but I decided to talk to someone anyway.  It was the best decision I made. Not only was I fighting depression but I was diagnosed with anxiety and PTSD. 
It is said that most people have to recognize they have a problem before they can get help for a vice they are facing.  While I recognized that something was off, I didn't realize to what extent. Being diagnosed with something real and not all in my head opened up a lot roads to getting better and through times when my anxiety ran the show and I was none the wiser.

I was scared of the turmoil in my own head and in turn I scared my family. My son couldn't understand why I was crying all the time or why I had no energy to do the things with him I used to do. I would be short with my husband and it caused space in our marriage where it shouldn't have been.  Luckily, my husband loved me through it but where would we be if I hadn't listened to him? 

 Am I 100% cured or over the issues that brought me to therapy? No, but I have the tools to cope with it and my anger outbursts are coming less frequently. I'm not napping for 6-7 hours on the weekend. I have a bedtime and I wake feeling refreshed instead of tired.  It sounds weird to say at 40, I have a bedtime but one doesn't realize how much proper sleep can affect your mental health. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing signs of mental distress please know there are people to talk to and it isn't as taboo as it once was. Life changes so quickly and is so unplanned that it is hard to get through it all the time alone. You are not weak for this. It takes a strong person to fight their demons.  Keep fighting because you are worth it.

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