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What are the Top Women's Issues?

 The problems women face in one part of the world are almost the same as everywhere else. The world is working towards better treatment of the fairer sex, but we still have a long way to go. Whenever there is a march on International Women’s Day or such an event to recognize women, the issues raised are almost always the same each year, meaning our patriarchal society still has women on a chokehold. One of the things that have changed for the best is the vocalization of these issues. Men are joining in the conversation too, which removes the ‘she vs. he’ narrative that has been so competitive and toxic for the longest time.

While several global issues affect women, these four are the most pressing and consistent across the board.


Women have been fighting for the right to make choices about their bodies for a long, and it’s senseless that they should have to. Politics and colliding religious beliefs have made some choices seem evil for a long time. The right to procure an abortion should not be debated upon, but it still is to date. Additionally, women that choose this path are more likely than not to be judged when they reveal this, even by their peers. This problem is a pressing issue worldwide. Several essay examples exist to show the battle of pro-choice and pro-life campaigners if you want to read some more on this topic.  

Violence Against Women and Girls

According to World Health Organization, at least 30% of women worldwide have experienced a form of violence. They have either been physically or emotionally abused by men closely related to them or strangers who find them easy targets. These numbers could be understated since most cases go unreported, not just at homes in underdeveloped countries. All manner of abuse happens even at the university and college level, where you would expect perpetrators to know better.

Gender Gap in Choice of Profession

If a woman is not experiencing gender-based violence while a student, the workplace is likely to exploit her. World over, women have had to work twice as hard as their male counterparts to be recognized for the same position. They are also paid less than said men for working the same jobs. When you factor in work hours and occupation choices, the gender gap is 11%.

Because girls are considered less competent than boys in most parts of the world, they are pushed towards humanities and ‘softer’ subjects while boys are encouraged to pursue sciences. This goes on to higher levels of education, and as a result, there is gender disproportion in certain professions. For the longest time, it has been made to seem like girls and women were not tough enough for the ‘manly’ jobs, but lately, it is becoming clear that this boils down to socialization and exposure at a young age.  

The Betrayal of Cheating Partners

The same world that has normalized cheating for men will be quite vocal to demonize a woman accused of the same. In some parts of the world, men are not condemned for infidelity, and they are even allowed to marry more than one woman. Some wives will stay in broken marriages for fear of being condemned by society or be unable to sustain the lifestyles their kids are used to without their estranged spouses’ support. This alone gives the partner with the upper hand – usually, the husband who is mainly the breadwinner – the right to treat the other poorly.  


We could write an essay about this issue, but it would not instantly lead to equality or better treatment for women and children. There are millions of little things that everyone could do in their capacity to make the world juster and safer. It starts with men speaking up for their female colleagues at work when they see work-related injustices. They should also call out their friends when they see them mishandling women. Small, ethical steps taken in the right direction could mean a world of difference.

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