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Warnings Signs That You Are Dealing With The Wrong Psychic


The number of psychics claiming they are the best in the industry keeps on increasing.

You can even check on different psychic websites here, https://www.peninsuladailynews.com/national-marketplace/psychic-reading-online-best-love-psychics-of-2021/, but of course, as someone who wants their future revealed, he/she should be sure that the psychic he/she is dealing with is the best in the industry. 

It is highly recommended that when you see the warning signs, you immediately cut your connection with the psychic or else, you might end up spending your hard earned money to someone that is not worthy of it. 

There are many warning signs you can observe while speaking with a psychic. And once it hints you, make sure to immediately shut your door, and look for someone else who can help you. 

Warnings Signs That The Psychic You Are Talking To Is Not The Right One

So, what are the warning signs that you are talking to the wrong psychic? Here are some of the things you have to look into:

  • Collecting huge money upfront

One of the things you have to be aware of is when the psychic starts to collect huge money upfront, it is best if you keep yourself away from him/her. Sure, they might collect a decent amount of money but that should not be as big as payment for one session. 

You may want to ask yourself why would they ask for too expensive fee upfront? Why do you need to deposit money? You are having your future unfold and not swiping your bank account.

If the psychic asks for too huge money upfront, this is a warning sign you have to completely avoid. 

  • Not allowing you to ask

If the psychic keeps on talking and talking, and not letting you ask questions, best if you stop the conversation and look for someone else. Of course, you will not pop the question while they are still talking and reading your future, wait for them to pause and hopefully ask if you have any question. 

If the conversation has ended without them pausing or asking you, then it is not a good exchange of conversation at all. 

  • No customer service

If the psychic does not have an available customer service to answer all your queries when necessary, then think twice about hiring their service. Sure, questions may come along before, during and more so after the psychic reading hence it is best if you choose a psychic who has a customer service available to answer your questions when necessary. 

  • Does not answer emails

If the psychic you are hiring does not even answer emails, then why hire him/her? Sure, you want someone dependable, someone who will reply to your email. It is best if they have a phone number you can call, especially that contacting them through mobile phone is easier and more convenient. 

The psychic you will hire should be responsive if you have questions or if there is anything or anyone bothering you.

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