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The Best Racing Parts for Your Truck or Jeep


If you have designs on entering your machine in a contest, whether informal or professional, you need parts that will stand up to the challenge. Weak parts won't deliver the performance you demand, or worse could leave you with broken components that cost extra money and cut into your riding time. It all begins with wheels and tires, and the right choices give you a solid foundation.

As with ordinary driving, you will need to match your tire with the terrain you intend to compete in. Whether you plan to spin your skin in sand or mud makes a significant difference when choosing tires. If you enjoy powering through deep mud slogs, you definitely want to go with a mud-terrain tire that gives you the ultimate in tread and traction. 

Since you will be putting some extra stress on your tire, it helps to consider sidewall strength. Radial construction is the most common and has numerous benefits: better handling, longer-lasting and bigger selection. Bias-ply tires have exceedingly strong sidewalls and are worth considering for a dedicated trail machine.

The Importance of a Rugged Suspension

Whether you are racing or you just like to play hard, your off-road vehicle will take a beating. Going up and over rock formations and bouncing along uneven two-tracks will take a toll on your suspension system. Fox racing shocks have the toughness and precision engineering needed to survive tough conditions. The Fox Factory Race Series 2.5 Reservoir has what it takes to bolster your vehicle on tough rides:

  • Enhanced ride quality

  • Supreme control

  • Superior testing in race conditions

  • Race-proven performance

The Fox Factory Race Series 3.0 Internal Bypass also has an impressive racing pedigree. Technical innovations in this series include position-sensitive damping technology, fluid bypass improvements and compression and rebound enhancements. The shocks also employ easy installation with a hassle-free bolt-on kit. 

A large selection of shocks and accessories from Fox and other top brands enables you to find the right suspension upgrades for your machine. A bigger choice confers price advantages on your purchases.

The Value of  Leveling Your Suspension

As one of the most popular suspension upgrades, aftermarket leveling kits provide added value to your off-road machine. If you have ever wondered what does a leveling kit do, it is a simple and inexpensive modification that can improve the looks and performance of your truck or Jeep. A leveling kit changes the profile of your vehicle, changing it from a nose-down stance to a more level one. The modification should be done in tandem with high-quality aftermarket shocks. 

This modification has the potential to increase handling both on and off the pavement. While the job belongs in the simple category, that doesn't mean complications won't arise. For example, after installing a leveling kit, you will need an alignment to prevent poor handling and premature tire wear.

Whether you are looking to make your vehicle a legend or just wish to achieve a high level of satisfaction, you need quality parts at an affordable price. Shop online now for exceptional deals.

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