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Spaghetti Sunday

A month ago today our Gram, who my nieces call spaghetti Grandma had a medical issue that really rocked our family.  The uncertainty of what would come next really upset us. It is with a heart full of guilt that spaghetti Sundays were taken for granted because in reality she is almost 94 years old and skipping family dinner should never be an option.  
I have been to see my Gram and told her I needed her to stick around and show me how to cook, because everyone that knows me knows I hate to cook. She told me she isn't a real cook, but having lived through the depression she cooked staples such as pasta and soup. So today on national pasta lovers day, I am honoring the family tradition of spaghetti Sundays. 
What are you cooking?

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  1. A debt of gratitude is in order For Letting us know.


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