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I received a discount to purchase a box of Seven Sisters Scones. This post contains affiliate links and we will be compensated if you click a link and make a purchase. 

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to live and travel around England for a full year. During that time, I learned about proper tea etiquette and tasted many a scone. Dating back to the 1500's, these semi- sweet concoctions are great with clotted cream (basically impossible to find in the US) or curds and jams.  

Americans don't often make scones- its not something in our normal sweets categories. Seven Sisters Scones has figured out a way to make scones that taste amazing! Born out of a desire to create great recipes after fails from boxed mixes, this Georgia based company offers both savory and sweet scones. (Yes, there really are 7 sisters and 2 brothers in the family!)

I purchased a sampler box of 12 sconies using a provided half-off discount code for this post. Sconies are the miniature format, about 2 ounces of deliciousness, compared to their larger cousins of 4 ounces. This sampler box ranged in flavors from maple pumpkin to fig & goat cheese. 

So far, each scone I've tried is the excellent size and flavor for the day! I love all things sweet (and most savory), but I'm trying to be healthier, so the sconies are perfect for kicking the day off and adding some fruit to the meal too. 

Sampler boxes arrive with prepicked selections, so if that's not your game, you can create your own box. One-time purchases, Subscriptions, and various gift baskets are available, so check out all the options and up your holiday giving game! 

The Sconie sampler box can be purchased in 12, 18, 24, or 36 box sizes. Each box arrives with instructions on how to care for your sconies. Recommended: fridge up to 3 days or freeze up to 6 months right away. These babies don't have any preservative in them as they are baked fresh and shipped right away, so don't leave them sitting out too long. 

If you decide to freeze, the recommendation is to pull them out and let them thaw a hour before needing them. Also, they provide warming instructions- something I highly recommend doing! It's great to sit down with your baked good and coffee (or tea, if that's your beverage of choice) before heading out the door. 

The sconies are prepackaged, so its also great to grab one and go if you are rushing out of the house to get the kids dropped off to school and to work on time. The clear label is an awesome feature that makes it easy to know the flavor.. and the brand! 

Seven Sister Scones also offers gluten-free and vegan gluten free options, which is almost a must in these days of health concerns. This means that practically anyone can find a scone set that they love! 

Shipping- Seven Sisters only ships between Monday and Wednesday to ensure freshness via a FedEx 2 day air. Orders must be placed by 8:00 AM the day before you wish them to be shipped. 

No matter whether a holiday gift or a thinking of you bestie gift, Seven Sisters Scones are perfect to send to your friends and family! 

These would make great family brunch options on Thanksgiving or Christmas- especially if you are in professions where you aren't able to spend loads of time preparing baked goods for your loved ones (ie- all of us church workers on Christmas morning!). 

Don't forget to grab one of their other sweets options, like their brownies, cookies, or bars! 

If you ever find yourself in Georgia, head over to Johns Creek and visit the Seven Sisters Café. Along with their great scones, the Café also offers breakfast and lunch options- plus catering! 

Want it? Get it!

Seven Sisters Scones offers some great flavors, sizes, and even vegan gluten free options! 

Use the code SISTER for 10% off your Seven Sisters Scones order

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