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On the way to smooth sailing and vanishing frizz with Verb Ghost! #MBPHGG21 #review


Thanks to Verb for sending these awesome products in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

For those who know me, y'all know I have thick hair. My thick hair, props to it, is a genetic trait that I used to dislike. It won't hold curl, it wont hold pretty much any styling, but it has body. Lots and lots of body. So, as I get older, I've started to reason with it (and my brain). There is absolutely NO point in spending hours styling my hair. Flat- Ironing, curling, whatever.. it doesn't matter because it won't hold. Sure, for special occasions I still rock the hair stylist look, but that is few and far between these days.

For those of us with thick hair, you know what I'm talking about- and you know how difficult it is to find products that help us out. Many "claim" to control the frizz, control the body, but well, they really don't do their job. And I'm sure all you fine hair folks have your own set of problems. Why can't we just be happy with the hairs on our heads?

Well, I've recently discovered Verb products. My hair stylist recommended these so when I had the chance to try them out, I jumped! Verb offers affordable salon- quality hair care products that are effective AND full of the good stuff. No parabens, no gluten, no sulfates. Things that I love about hair care products- and I'm sure you do too!

When I received my Verb Ghost Trio and Moringa oil, I was so happy! Finally, products that will help my hair shine, not tangle as easily, and control the frizz! Yep, ladies, it really does control the frizz. Okay, lately, I admit most days are running out the door with wet un-styled hair, but when I have properly done the job, it works. And it's not hours in front of the mirror either! 

First, the Verb Ghost Trio contains shampoo, conditioner, and oil. The shampoo and conditioners are really for all hair types and are color safe. (in case y'all are wondering, no, I don't color the hairs yet). 

I mostly air dry my hair these days, because who has time to spend in front of a mirror? After a couple of weeks using VERB, I definitely notice the difference following the summer sun and fun! 

The oil is a perfect product to prevent flyaways and frizz.. just use a couple of pumps and use your hands to spread evenly over damp hair. (Note- this doesn't work well on pure straight out of the shower wet hair!).  It leaves a great shine that isn't greasy at all! 

I actually love all 3 products together- my hair and scalp feels clean, fresh, and doesn't feel greasy like after using lots of other products. 

For those of you who may need a hair and scalp refresher, the Morgina + Jojoba Oil is for you. Morgina, native to the Himalyan Mountains, promotes hair growth by adding Vitamins A/B/E and zinc to the hair and scalp. Jojoba helps strengthen the hair, shine, and even manageability. Combined- the two are a perfect way to fight against damage!

This treatment fights against dry, damaged hair and scalps. It helps rehydrate hair, prevents split ends, and creates healthy balance. 

The directions are different according to hair type, so be sure to read! For my thick head, I apply drops directly onto dry ends. Then I comb through so that I can make sure all the strands and ends receive what they need!

This holiday season, gift yourself some great products not at the salon price! We all know that salon treatments are expensive, so it's nice to be able to afford quality self-care and products that we can do at home.. especially since the holiday season is so busy! 

Whether it's realizing your hair needs some love after the harsh summer and cool days, or whether you just want to look and feel your best, Verb has something for you! Find products for your hair type and hair needs? Not sure what you need- check out Verb's Hair Quiz to find the products meant for you! 

We're proud to feature VERB products in our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide
Be sure to visit our guide for even more amazing product suggestions to gift your loved ones this holiday season! 

Want it? Get it! 

The holidays are stressful enough without worrying about haircare products! 
Stock up on your favorite VERB Products and find yourself with happy healthy hair! 
Now onwards to gifts and cookies!

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