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Navigating Childhood Asthma with OMRON Nebulizers


This is a sponsored post in partnership with OMRON. All thoughts are my own.

As a mom, there are a few things that bring about constant worry. My children's health and wellness absolutely fall into that category. Learning how to manage life as a mom of three can seem daunting at times, especially knowing that I now have three children to keep up with in terms of ailments, any diagnosis over health concerns, etc. My oldest kiddo just turned eleven, and so far, the majority of my children's health issues lie within him. While I hate it for him, knowing that we as a family have the right tools to combat any health issues that come our way is a big relief.

A few weeks ago, we kicked off Peak Asthma Season with our friends at OMRON, a leader in FDA-cleared, prescription-grade nebulizers for adults and children with asthma. We've recently shared about our asthma journey with our son, and as expected this fall has not been without troubles in relation to asthma for our family. Thankfully, while our son's asthma has reared its ugly head early this fall season, we've been able to use our knowledge and the wonderful nebulizers we have from OMRON to help manage asthma symptoms.

Overnight trips are no problem as long as our portable nebulizer goes, too!

Some of the ways we manage our son's asthma are no-brainers. 

We visit our family doctor regularly to have our son checked out. We always have his breathing checked, and our doctor asks a series of questions related to day to day life, including recreational activity. We also ask our own questions. One of the best things I ever did for my son was to ask our doctor whether or not a nebulizer would make a positive difference in my son's life. He'd already been prescribed an inhaler for asthma, and a nebulizer seemed like the next step in the right direction for giving him the quality of life he deserves as an active kid with asthma.

As our doctor agreed, having a nebulizer on hand at home to help manage our son's asthma is a great idea. In fact, we actually have two nebulizers, which are both portable. One of them, the OMRON CompAir Compressor Nebulizer for Kids is specifically geared toward children. This is a fairly new nebulizer, which is so easy to use! We've left this out when we've had grandparents sitting for our kids, just in case an asthma attack occurred. Knowing that any adult caring for my asthmatic child can quickly access and easily use this nebulizer gives me so much peace of mind as a mom. 

Playing outdoors this fall without worry, thanks to our OMRON nebulizers.

Anyone can supervise my son using it- a relative, teacher, a friend's parent, etc. Since it's so small and portable, we can send it to school, on field trips (like a recent overnight trip to camp), for sleepovers, or anywhere! The cute design is great for kids, though my son has mentioned that he's getting 'too old' for it. Even still, it's small, lightweight, and can be used anywhere!

As it so happens, our second nebulizer is also great for older kids and adults. The OMRON MicroAir Mesh Nebulizer is actually the one my son prefers to use, and as long as he's happy using it, I'm a happy mom. It's small enough to fit into a handbag, so it's the perfect size for a backpack or overnight bag for my kiddo. It has a large medication chamber, so I don't have to worry about there not being enough. It does run on batteries, as well, which is amazing! We can bring it along on trips, or even short outings when we know we'll be outside.

Check out this quick video on just how easy these nebulizers are to use at home or on the go!

We're not sure how we'd manage getting through the fall season without our OMRON nebulizers. Our son is ready to try out for basketball at school, and we're so happy that he'll actually be able to try out, even knowing that he has asthma. The fact that we can make sure he has his nebulizer with him makes us feel so much better about potential practices and games.

Isn't it time to make managing your child's asthma (or your own) easier? Make plans to chat with your healthcare provider. Start with making an appointment to address your asthma concerns and ask whether or not a nebulizer might be a good option for your child.

Questions about asthma and how OMRON can help? Be sure to visit OMRON Healthcare to read more about their respiratory health products and how they can help your asthma patient. You can use my code *OMRN20* on select devices for 20% off until November 30th.

Connect with OMRON via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to join the OMRON community.

How have you taken steps to manage asthma for someone in your family?

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