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Thanks to YCMedia and The Food Network Magazine for sending me a copy of The Big, Fun Kids Baking Book in exchange for my review! All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

How many of you spent your winter holidays in the kitchen watching your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even mom/ dads cook and bake away? I remember the smells, the pots, the stirring, the rolling, the pinching.. and the hands in the batter! My grandmother, in particular, didn't waste any time teaching us how to make her peanut butter candy, get our hands in the cookie dough, or even help with the mince meat pies. As I grew up, I spent more time in the kitchen, so much so that I worked in a couple of summer camp kitchens during college summer breaks. 

The holidays are different now- the grandparents have passed on, the family traditions have changed and molded as we have grown up with other responsibilities, but I still love being in the kitchen during certain times of the year. It's almost a comfort thing- even if there is no big family meal to prepare. 

A while back, my sister mentioned my niece had started to help cook and bake family meals, so I've been looking for ways to gift her ideas to help her grow in her skills. 

At age 11 and now in 5th grade, she's old enough to tackle some recipes that we once might think were too difficult. Yet, there are fabulous easy kid-friendly recipes out there! 

The Food Network Magazine's newest cookbook, The Big, Fun Kid's Baking Book, will grab your child's attention and help them fall in love with baking! Meant for ages 8-12, kids will learn how to make quick-breads, their favorite cookies, and even decorate cakes! Specialty "Fun" cakes are included too, like this fake-out spaghetti and meatballs. I'm always amazed at shows on tv where artists accomplish these tasks and one day want to learn! My niece can learn on her own (maybe with some help from her mom or aunt) too, using this awesome baking book! 

Written by editor in chief of the Food Network Magazine AND the Pioneer Woman Magazine, this baking book is full of great information, ideas and trivia with its 110 recipes! Author Maile Carpenter certainly has outdone herself with these great simple recipes. Pictures, easy language, and concise tips will help out the baker become the best one on the block. 

I love baking myself and hate it when recipes aren't clear. Maile has written and edited so that these are super simple for children (and parents). Know your ingredients up front, see pictures of what it should look like, and follow the directions for an amazing sweet treat.  

Pick from sweet treats like brownies, cookies, and cakes and bake away. Even learn how to design your own layer cake using your favorite colors and flavors. With tips from pros, with tips about food inventions, and even some fun games thrown in the last chapter, every child will want to learn how to bake using this book!

It would certainly make a great gift for the young preteen or teen who loves to bake. Add kid-friendly bakeware or ingredients for your child's favorite treats and get them in the kitchen.  I can't wait to gift this to my niece and spend time time in the kitchen with her this holiday season! 

Want it? Get it!

Start new and amazing baking adventures this holiday season! 

Purchase The Big Fun Kids Baking Book from Amazon now! 

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