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I Was a Better Mom Before I Actually Had Children

We've all been there. We have all said some things and had such strong opinions on all the things we wouldn't do as parents... Of course, we were having all of these big opinions before our children actually came to be! It wasn't long after having my son that I caught myself doing several of the things I said I'd never do. And thus began the mental list. All the things I said I'd never do as a mother, here I am doing them!

My baby won't be given a pacifier.

He just sucks his thumb instead. Well, at least you can take away a pacifier.

I'll never put my kid on a leash.

Until I find myself with a toddler who's a bit of a runner.

My children won't sleep in my bed.

That is, until it's 2 a.m. and I haven't slept in 9 months and I'm just desperate for some rest.

I'll never give my children my phone in public just to keep them quiet.

But I just need to get through a meal in silence. 

I won't give snacks in the car.

Until the car ride is super long and traffic is bad and Jesus, are we THERE YET? Okay, fine, just a snack.

I won't make a separate meal for a picky toddler.

Until I'm desperate for him to just eat SOMETHING.

I won't breastfeed past one year.

But that's his source of comfort.

I'm going to make all of own baby food.

But honestly, who has the time?

My spouse and I will never argue in front of our children.

But does bickering count?

The point is, life is funny. You always think you know exactly the type of mother you'll be and the decisions you'll make. Honestly, you have absolutely no idea what type of mother you'll be and the choices you will make for your family until you find yourself there. You might be surprised the decisions you end up making! I was a better mom before I had children because I didn't have a clue what motherhood would actually be like. I, along with all of you, am just out here making it work with what I've got! To anyone reading this, you're doing a great job. You're the best mama out there for your littles, no matter what choices you're making in the moment!

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