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How to Throw a Non-Alcoholic Party and Still Have Fun


Is a party any fun without alcohol? Surprisingly, in recent years, there has been a rise in non-alcoholic parties, even among millennials. 

As health becomes a priority among all generations, sales of alcohol have dropped. Many millennials are now looking for a social experience without alcohol. According to The Spirits Business, “sales of alcohol in the US off-trade fell by 1.9% in the week ending 13 March 2021, marking the first decline since the COVID-19 pandemic began.”

There are also other reasons why you may want to throw a non-alcoholic party. Some of your guests may be bringing minors with them, or perhaps your guests are seniors with medical conditions. Whatever the reasons are, you can plan your party without alcohol and still make it fun. Here are some ideas to consider.

The invitation should clearly state it is alcohol-free

Make sure all your guests know that your home will be an alcohol-free zone. Since you are likely to be close to all of them, they will understand your reasons for such a party and probably even appreciate your plan if they are bringing small children or are in circumstances where alcohol consumption is not allowed. Parties tend to be more fun when everyone is sober and able to converse.

Hold the party during the day

People are more accustomed to drinking at night and on weekends around late afternoon to evening, so be mindful that this time period could be a trigger for people used to consuming alcohol. By holding a daytime party, the focus will be on the food, activities, and conversation instead of drinking.

Set the mood and theme

If you really have to have the party in the evening, set up the place so the mood is festive and encourages people to mix and mingle. Use lighting such as candles and string lights to set the mood. A blank wall can be converted into a mural wall or decorated with eye-catching decor where guests can take selfies. Create a hashtag so people can post their selfies on social media, share pictures, and stay in touch with each other afterward.

Provide several non-alcoholic drink options

Prepare non-alcoholic options such as juices and sodas, bottled and flavored waters, coffee, and tea. You can also make mocktails. If you really want to go all out, you can even prepare ice cream floats, milkshakes, or healthy smoothies. For the men, there is non-alcoholic beer that tastes almost like the real thing.

Serve enticing, colorful, and tasty food

Finger foods and canapes, chips and dips, as well as colorful fresh fruit platters and vegetable sticks will be great appetizers. You can arrange a potluck party where each guest brings a surprise dish. That makes the dishes more exciting and great conversation for discussing homemade recipes.

Energize the party with music and games

If there are kids around, prepare kiddie games for both children and adults. Put on dancing music and have everyone get up and dance. Having everyone participate makes for a fun party that everyone will remember.

In the end, fun parties are always about the conversations and interactions. It is the memories of a great time that your guests will go home with. Even if you skip the booze, as long as everyone is full and content, you can be sure your party will be a huge success.

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