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How To Style Your Master Bedroom

The bedroom is certainly the most private room in the house because not everyone can enter it. Often, people choose not to design the bedroom attractively because it will not be seen by others. However, it should not be mistaken that a bedroom can also be cool, comfortable, neat, beautiful, and attractive.

The bedroom should be designed beautifully because people spend a third of the time in the bedroom. Usually people sleep for six to eight hours, depending on needs and habits. So you can imagine if the bedroom is messy or not beautiful? You can not sleep well. Here we provide the tips about how to style your bedroom, including lighting, chair arrangement, flooring, the choice of bedding such as linen sheets,  storage space, and more. Everything can be done to change the appearance of your bedroom to be more beautiful and also comfortable.

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Arranging the Bedroom Lighting

Arranging the light of the room is important, especially for a bedroom. If we took inspiration from the lighting of a hotel room. There are various kinds of lamp placement, one of which is a night lamp. You can place a number of lights starting from the main light, sleeping light, reading light, corner lamp, and others. Bed lights or reading lights have many functions, as well as other lights in the bedroom.

Designing the Mattress

You can install a headboard to make the bed more attractive and cool. However, if you feel that the headboard will take up space, you can choose another way to beautify it. Try to have a different bed, maybe a wooden bed. Don't forget to have sheets that are uniquely designed and bright, like linen  sheets. New bed linen with interesting motifs can beautify the bedroom as well as change the atmosphere. Do not hesitate to invest by having bed linen with different motifs, colors, and materials. Linen sheets are a good choice for coziness and beauty. It is heat absorbent and bug repellant, so it will be comfortable for a bedroom. 

Furniture Placement in the Bedroom

Furniture like carpets and chairs or sofas can improve the bedroom appearance. Carpets can change the appearance of the room by placing the carpet especially with the right side of the bed. There are various choices of materials, motifs, colors, materials, from carpets that can be tailored to your needs. Carpet not only beautifies the bedroom, but its existence can also make you comfortable. When you wake up, you will step on a warm thick carpet instead of a cold floor.

If the bedroom is large enough, it never hurts to place a chair in the bedroom. Another option is a sofa with two seats that are intended for various things such as decorating a room. The placement of the sofa can also be a relaxing place to read, watch television, or others.

Besides those two, additional small beds are also good. The small bed that can be used for naps is often used for decoration. This bed can beautify the bedroom. You can also use it during the day when you want to relax.

Designing a Storage Area in the Bedroom

Don't forget the storage area in the bedroom aka closet for clothes, bags, shoes, dress and more. Women have a large collection of clothes, bags, and shoes that require special storage areas. While men usually have a collection of clothes and shoes that are not less that require a similar place. If you can, you can design a walk in closet to ensure all personal items are stored neatly.

Changing The Decoration

First of all, one easy way to beautify the bedroom is to replace the paint with a newer color. Just try to make an accent by replacing one part of the wall with a different paint color. Then, we can change the curtains. Look for curtains with different materials, motifs, and colors than before so that they look even more beautiful.

Last, we can always install wall displays. If you feel that the appearance of the bedroom walls is too monotonous, try installing wall displays. The choices are many ranging from mirrors, paintings, family photos, calligraphy, or anything that can fill the bedroom walls to be more beautiful.

In Conclusion

There are many elements that can improve the style of our bedroom, that includes changing the decorations, adding additional furniture, designing storage areas and of course, designing the mattress by changing the bed linen.

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