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How to Create a Stunning Fresh Bouquet By Yourself?


Flowers have a unique power of enhancing any room, making a celebration even greater, and expressing the feelings without saying a word. You may believe that it is fiendishly difficult to arrange luxurious big bouquets, and only mega-creative and well-trained florists can produce fascinating designs. In fact, creating a lovely arrangement is not rocket science, and with just a little know-how, you can design an elegant floral composition. 

In this guide, we will teach you how to build an epic arrangement with fresh flowers and plants. You can leverage these tips when you decide to add some natural beauty to your interior or surprise your special someone with a stunning DIY bouquet. 

Obtain the Tools

Whether you want to craft a teeny-tiny bunch of flowers to reside on your bedside table, or you set sights on concocting a big bouquet to charm the socks off your loved one, you need to get equipped first. Relax. Creating flower bouquets does not require you to rush to your neighbor and borrow his heavy toolbox. But you will need some stuff to succeed in this beautiful venture. 

Surely, you will need to make up your mind which flowers to use. You should also obtain a clean vessel to accommodate your arrangement. Nothing stops you from setting your imagination free and choosing virtually any type of vessel, be it a jug, a teacup, or even a fishbowl. When it comes to making your arrangement truly unique, why not select something out of the ordinary?

Thorn-removing scissors will also come in handy (not only does every rose have thorns, but many other flower species as well) and pruning shears. It is better if you wear an apron, but if you lack it, then put on old clothes. 

Floral wire or some sort of twine or string is also necessary to strengthen and secure the stems. 

The Purpose of the Bouquet Matters 

Think about how your bouquet is going to be used. Will you (or the recipient) be holding the flowers for a while (if you are crafting for a bride, for example)? Is it supposed to serve as a centerpiece on a dining table? Or you are making many pocket-size bunches to spread around the space?

The style of your bouquet will be determined by the role it has to play.

For the dinner table’s focal point, your DIY bouquet should be short and wide, so it will not encumber people’s communication. If you are going to hold it, carefully evaluate the height and weight of the future bouquet and ensure the final arrangement will not leave stains with its pollen or leaves. If the flowers are going to be used as decoration, make sure they go well with the overall decor.

Stick To The Season

If you never arranged flowers before, it would be better to opt for seasonal varieties for your DIY bouquet. Seasonal species are quite cheap and always in stock, and they will also allow you to achieve a more naturally-looking arrangement for the given time of year, rather than selecting something out of season. Certain floral varieties that are available year-round include Roses, Gerbera Daisies, Asters Baby's Breath, Mini Carnations, Larkspur, and Spray Roses to name a few.

Include Extra Flourishes

To achieve a signature bouquet, many florists play with non-floral accessories such as berries, stalks of wheat, strings of beads, fabric butterflies, painted feathers, and even lollipops make the arrangement more personal. You can take a page out of this book and include some nice extras for a touch of glam. 

Make Your Flowers Last

We all have been there: receiving a large bouquet of flowers, admiring its beauty for the whole day long, and discovering it dead on the next morning. It hurts. Despite being cut, flowers continue to live, and they need special care to survive longer. Here are some tips on how you can extend the service life of your fresh blooms for a long while. 

First, do not be lazy to change the water every other day. Many fresh flowers die because of the pernicious effect of bacteria in the container they are held in. Changing water regularly will stop the build-up of bad microorganisms. 

Adding a cube of sugar, a packet of flower food, or a few drops of soda can also do the trick. Do not forget to trim the stems a little when replacing the water to remove dead cells at the bottom of the stems. If you want a long-lasting bouquet, why not explore other options and shop dried flower arrangements for convenience and aesthetic value.

Design Like a Pro 

So, you have picked the perfect flowers, got your tools, and you are all set to start arranging your fabulous DIY bouquet. Let’s go. 

Make sure the vessel you choose matches the size of the flowers you are using. If not, cut the stems accordingly to fit the container. Prune the stems at an angle before placing them into water. This will facilitate the water absorption by flowers, so that can stay healthy for longer.

When building your floral arrangement, start with placing the largest and most gorgeous buds in the center of the to-be composition. Continue with including smaller and less impressive darlings, and finish the work by adding in accessories and flourishes of your choice. 

You may use some floral wire to tie stems together and keep the bouquet sitting as you want. 

The Secret of a Really Admirable Fresh Flower Arrangement

As you see, creating a fresh DIY bouquet takes as little as some beautiful flowers, a handful of tools, and the flight of fantasy. 

But one more nifty tip. When crafting your own floral arrangement, make sure it reflects you as a person. Bringing your personality and personal style to your floral creation is the proven way to ensure that it is matchless and a sight to behold.

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