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Have A Spooktacular Halloween With Name Bubbles Labels! #NameBubbles #MBPHalloween21


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This year, families will be taking to the streets and backyards for the safest celebrations possible. Halloween is already difficult enough- trying to keep track of your littles in their costumes, which usually include some sort of masks or face-paint, let alone keeping track of sweaters, water bottles, and treat bags! Make things easy by labeling items so that your Halloween experience is less stressful!

Name Bubbles has amazing custom designed labels that are water proof, laundry-proof, and even dishwasher safe! We already know the difficulty in keeping up with our masks (yes- even adults too) and lunch bags. This year, make Halloween less stressful by knowing exactly whose items belong to which family!

Attending that trunk-or-treat? Here in the south, our early evenings are still pretty warm. We often have fool's fall.. it cools up in the morning and late night, but is still hot during the day. Which means lots of water as we run around in our costumes! Instead of losing your child's favorite water bottle, use Name Bubbles to label them. Not only does it save money (and less plastic), labeling guarantees that your child might not accidently drink out of someone else's container.

Are you running from flag football straight to the grandparents to get ready to trick or treat with all the cousins? Use Name Bubble's clothing labels on everyone's costumes. Name Bubbles has two types: press + stick (the easiest option) and iron-on! 

Press and stick labels are designed to go directly onto clothing tags. There is a laminated option for clothing with tags and a waterproof unlaminated option if clothing only has a brand stamp. These labels will help keep costume pieces together before and after all the Halloween festivities!

Grab Name Bubbles clothing labels and receive 20% off your order using the code COSTUME20 through 11/05! 

Did you lose track of time and didn't get your child's treat bag monogrammed this year? Never fear, because Name Bubbles label will help you out. Iron-On labels will make it a breeze to know whose bag belongs to which child! Whether it's a party with several bags, or you just want to separate candy so that the siblings don't argue, labeling treat bags is definitely the way to go! 

Does a child attending festivities have medical issues or allergies? Medical Labels are available to let your hosts know your child has specific medical or dietary restrictions. This is super helpful if your child is in a large group of kids and it's hard to keep track of what's going into their bags! Adults can see the medical label and know not to give them peanuts, or gluten, or whatever their restrictions may be. Medical labels could even help out with children who have other health related concerns- letting adults know what to be aware of when in large groups! 

Are you creating a Haunted maze, room, or house? Growing up, I remember attending a party in which we worked our way through a maze, including sticking our hands in oeey goeey messes. Name Bubbles can help label those messes-- from rotting eyeballs (eggs) to brains (spaghetti!)! 

Perhaps the Mad Scientist is offering an experiment in front of the crowd.. Name Bubbles Labels will surely help the audience know what's being poured into the weird concoction that will create that werewolf! 

While Name Bubbles is marketed towards keeping our child's stuff labeled, there are still lots of ways that the label loving adult can use them at Halloween! 

Hosting a party? Everyday Reusable Labels might be your best friend. From designating alcoholic drinks to labeling gluten free/ vegan items, these labels will make your snack table well marked so that guests can enjoy and avoid any medical or dietary restrictions needed! Don't forget to label that witches brew.. you don't want folks drinking the wrong potions!

Packing up all your party supplies? Label boxes and bags, as tedious as it is, makes next year's work less stressful.  

Need to separate candy at home? Designate Tupperware bins for different types of treats or for each member of your household! 

Putting away costumes in storage? Label each costume so you know who it belonged too and what it was used for- that way, if you have the urge to host a 20's theme party for New Year's, you can easily find what items you own! 

This Halloween, keep track of your stuff and your sanity and grab a Name Bubbles label. Choose a pre-designed theme or create your own! 

Name Bubbles labels will be the most amazing treat moms (and dads) might purchase this year that is beneficial and useful to having a great safe and fun Halloween! 

Want it? Get it!

This Halloween, beat the ghosts and ghouls by using Name Bubbles to keep track of your families costumes, treat bags, and water bottles.

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