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Everything is Gonna be Alright... the Whole World's in His Hands

I'm currently experiencing Motherhood 3.0. Yep, Motherhood Round 3 with a new baby. My older babies are five, and eleven, and I have had the joy of having one on one time with each of them. Now it's Baby C's turn to have mommy all to herself most days- at least in the mornings.

Baby C is growing so fast, already six weeks old. This happy girl has stolen our hearts, and while life is certainly different, the tough stuff is fleeting. Sure, we're sleeping less, miss socializing with friends, and our kiddos are having to be a bit more independent, but God knew what He was doing when He gave us one more babe.

Some days are tough... really tough. Some nights are super lonely for this work-from-home-mom, managing the older kids and the baby while her hubby works long hours until past 10 pm. This is only a blip in time, though, and it will pass. I try to focus on the love, the sheer blessing of my family, and soak up the snuggles while I can.

I've found my remedy for getting through the tough moments, and it should come as no surprise that my cure-all is music. 'Be Alright' has become my soothing anthem. I often sing lullabies to my kids, and I feel like this song is a lullaby for moms, at least it is for this mom. It reminds me that while I'm holding my crying baby, holding my five-year-old's hand, holding onto my eleven-year-old, wishing he wasn't growing up so fast, God is holding me. Thank goodness for His constant love, His warm embrace, and His faithful promises. 

May this song be a blessing to you today, my friend. What a beautiful reminder that everything is gonna be alright... the whole world's in His hands.


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  1. What a beautiful message and melody! Thank you for sharing, Ondria. May God continue to bless you with strength to get through the rough and appreciate the highs!


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