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Chewing Gum: The Surprising Health Benefits #review

Most people chew gum to remove bad breath, but did you know that chewing gum can improve your mood and concentration?

In addition, chewing gum has many health benefits that are not always obvious. In this blog post, we will explore the hidden health benefits of chewing gum!

Gum Chewing Hidden Health Benefits

  • Chewing gum in the morning can wake you up and make your brain work better? First, it promotes alertness - The act of chewing gum increases blood flow to critical parts of the body, including the head. This increased blood flow creates a quick energy boost that wakes you up!
  • Studies show that people who chew gum can focus their attention for more extended periods than those who do not chew any gum at all.
  • Chewing stimulates areas in the front part of our brains related to mental tasks like memorizing numbers or words, which is excellent when we need an extra push during school or work!
  • Chewing can give you a boost of energy because it gets your body moving, even if you are sitting down! It is essential to stay active for our overall health and wellbeing.

Chewing gum after meals

Chewing gum aids in digestion by increasing saliva production in the mouth. Increased saliva production helps us digest food more efficiently. In addition, the digestive system needs less effort when there is enough saliva present to break down food particles into smaller pieces which makes their movement through the intestines easier, resulting in quick bowel movements! Eww, I know, but I wanted to share how it works.

Chewing gum before bed

I had to laugh at this one because my mom told me never to chew gum before bed!

But chewing gum before going to bed helps us sleep better at night, which has many benefits for our overall wellbeing, such as reduced tensions and anxiety levels, higher immune system function, and improved mood. Plus, it can help with concentration during waking hours due to increased blood flow through exercising muscles while we sleep.

Research shows that people who chew gum just before bed report having fewer and less severe nightmares than those who did not chew gum at all. So next time you can't sleep, grab some gum and settle down for a goodnight's rest!


Gum is healthy for the Teeth!

Healthy teeth are one of the essential things in life - it does not matter if you wear braces or have perfect pearly whites; healthy teeth support our overall health and wellbeing. You may have heard gum health contributes to healthy teeth, but did you know that chewing gum can help your gums stay strong?

After brushing, chewing gum 30 minutes later helps prevent tooth decay because it stimulates saliva production in the mouth, which washes away plaque-forming food particles left behind by oral hygiene products such as toothpaste. The more often we can remove these particles from our mouths before they have a chance to harden into tartar on our teeth, the less likely we are to form cavities!

So if you want healthier gums and stronger overall dental health, chew some gum after brushing your teeth!

Chewing gum helps reduce STRESS!

Chewing gum is a great way to relieve stress; it offers us that extra bit of focus we need when under pressure at work or school – especially if you have exams coming up!

Of course, it's no secret that chewing gum helps with concentration, but did you know there are other ways chewing gum can benefit our minds? For example, researchers found positive effects on memory after participants chewed gum containing xylitol, an active ingredient often used as a sweetener in types of gum.

However, gum containing sugar is not beneficial for our gum health, so t's best to brush afterward.

So next time you feel stressed out at work or before an exam, grab a wad of gum! It will make your life much easier by relieving stress and giving you that boost in concentration needed to succeed.

Chewing gum can also provide benefits such as reduced tension levels, higher immune functions, improved moods due to increased blood flow through exercising muscles. At the same time, we sleep reduced nightmares/bad dreams occurrences.

Our Favorite Gum- Jelly Belly

Yes, Jelly Belly has gum. That is pretty darn exciting but guess what the best part is...it is SUGAR-FREE! There are Watermelon, Very Cherry, Berry Blue. And Island Punch.

All the flavors are amazing, and I was super surprised that they tasted so good- like Jelly Belly flavors. You know some sugar-free gum can leave a bad aftertaste, but I didn't get that from Jelly Belly Gum.

Watermelon and Very Cherry are favorite flavors for sure. Gum is a staple in our house because, as I stated above, GUM IS GOOD FOR YOU in so many ways.

My kids, who are teens, now go through gum like it's candy because they chew gum at school (shh don't' tell their teacher). After all, it keeps them focused. Especially during testing days, gum comes in handy.

When I get anxious when I'm driving, I grab a piece of gum, and oh my goodness, it helps me so much. It's so odd that something so simple like a piece of gum can help you in your everyday life.

You can grab Jelly Belly Gum available in Dollar Tree, Speedway, and Party City, and of course, our favorite store

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