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Celebrate Oktoberfest at Home this fall!


A Couple of weekends ago, I tried to attend the Oktoberfest at one of our local breweries. Y'all, this event was so packed that there was no parking anywhere! After three circles and seeing the amount of people milling about, my friend and I decided to head to a more low-key brewery that probably wouldn't be as busy. 

For those of you who don't know, Octoberfest originated in 1810. Back when festivals lasted for weeks, this particular one was in honor of the marriage between the King of Bavaria and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. As events mold over time, eventually the festival grew in size, to include beer halls, food, music, and much celebration! 

My Church hosts an annual Oktoberfest that is usually full of the same- music, food, and lots of fellowship. This year, we are hosting a lower key version, outside, and are focusing on providing brats and pretzels to our attendees instead of a huge meal! 

So, it got me thinking- what are the ways you can celebrate at home, kid-friendly style?

1) Bake some pretzels up! Whether from scratch, like this Alton Brown recipe, or using store-bought dough, they will taste awesome! 

2) Up your brats and cabbage game with Rachel Ray! Traditional German foods are complicated and take time to cook. This easy skillet recipe will have your tastebuds on edge while you wait!

3) Upload your favorite music app with German polka and folk music! A quick spotify search will probably give you all you need! 

4) Break out the picnic! Find your checker patterned everything and head outside. Traditional Oktoberfests are held outside, in big tents and beer halls! Raining? Decorate your living space and pretend!

5) For kiddos, give them a special treat! Allow your kids to help make some hot cider to celebrate with! 

6) For adults, we love to sit around, talk, and eat. For kiddos- this can be difficult, so make sure they have things to do! Pumpkin decorating, Scarecrow Making, and even face-painting will be sure to delight! 

No matter how you celebrate Oktoberfest, you will be sure to have lots of fun! 

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