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Bring Life To Your Favorite Space With Modern Botanicals


Special thanks to Modern Botanical for sending products to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

Sometimes our greatest inspiration occurs during the most trying times and for Modern Botanical, the 2020 pandemic was just that.

Taking care of a live plant within the home can be one of the best ways to help with mental health. In fact, just caring for anyone and anything outside of ourselves builds confidence, peace, assurance and promotes growth. You've probably heard that getting a puppy can lower blood pressure and we know this to be true! Have you considered the benefits of owning indoor plants? Modern Botanical was dreamed up and developed in 2020 and has become a wildly successful source for quality indoor plants. 

This is the baby monstera. This beautiful plant can actually produce fruit and it can be grown indoors, in a beautiful propagation system from Modern Botanical. Our friends at MB were kind enough to send over a few different plants to liven up my living space and I immediately fell in love with this entire idea. I had been wanting to grow a propagation wall within my home for about a year, but didn't know where to turn or which company to trust. I never imagined a company existed with such extensive knowledge about such a wide variety of plants!

The box arrived with information on who to reach out to should there be any questions or concerns and inside the box each plant was beautifully packaged with care. 

The stems were wrapped in dampened cloth and the step by step instructions made is easy for someone like me (pretty inexperienced) to get my system completely set up within minutes!

This is the Grow Vase Frame- Triple with plants and is $107 on the Modern Botanical website. 

If you're not sure where to begin, this system is the perfect way to get started. Their products are created from responsibly sourced materials and include glass vases that can house these beautiful pants for years to come. Modern Botanical encourages you to be creative and design your own unique space with these amazing plants!

This is the Grow Vase Wall Hanger with a plant which ranges from $30 - $38, depending. 

I decided to hang this plant on this narrow space in my home. In the future, I plan to order two more which will make this wall complete! Even with just the one that is hanging, I notice it every single time I walk by and it puts a smile on my face. Soon, I will be redesigning a wall in my home and plan to create an entire setup similar to this photo:

Having plants inside the home increases oxygen levels and creates a beautiful aesthetic. If you think you do not have a green thumb, I would still encourage you to branch out and give Modern Botanical a try. I think you'll be amazed at how much of the work has already been done for you. 

In fact, a few days after my plants arrived, a leaf was beginning to turn yellow on one of my plants and I sent an email explaining the case. The amazing team at MB emailed me back and let me know that I can gently remove that leave if it feels loose and that is completely normal for this to occur upon arrival. Since removing that very loose leaf and stem, the plant has since produced new growth and is flourishing. I just wasn't sure so I reached out and they were quick to reply and so kind! The customer service at Modern Botanical is amazing and they truly want you to have a successful experience with their plants. 

They also sell a Hydroponic Liquid Nutrient which provides vital nutrients the plants need to grow and thrive, which consists of:  kelp and worm castings, with a bunch of additional essential micronutrients. There are instructions included on how often and how much will be needed for your plants. 

I'm beyond thrilled with my beautiful plants and am pretty excited to order more! My husband loves this idea so much that he is ready for us to create that wall sooner rather than later. There is just something about live indoor plants that makes a space feel like a home. If you're ready to bring life to your living space, Modern Botanical has everything you need to get you started and help you grow your collection!


You can find an assortment of hanging kits and plants by visiting Modern Botanical on their website. Also, be sure to visit them on Facebook and Instagram and stay connected! 

We would like to thank our friends at Modern Botanical for partnering with us to share these beautiful products with you! If not for you, these indoor plants would make the perfect gift for someone that you love. Share the love and give the gift of life this holiday season with Modern Botanical. Green goes with everything!


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  1. These are really pretty. I love all the hangers and stands you can get.


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