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An Amazing Dynamic Product to Help Your Child with Math from SumBlox #REVIEW #MBPFALLGIFT21 #MBPHGG21

Help your children or students gain valuable number sense with SumBlox! They have beautifully constructed number block sets to help every child visualize math!

SumBlox’s mission is to bring about lasting change in education. They believe education should be interactive, interpretive, engaging, and rarely the same for two children. Through the creation of powerful learning games, each student will grow and develop at their own speed, and on their own path. They believe that you don’t have to sacrifice learning content to make something fun!

SumBlox helps students envision numbers in a beautiful and dynamic way. When doing basic math, imagining combinations of numbers with actual height values, and then stacking those numbers to find the sum, can help when being introduced to new math ideas. This skill can help break down problems quickly. Taking these concepts and applying them to a stacking game seemed to fit building blocks extremely well.

There are a few sets to choose from and I received their Basic Set of 76 Original Sized Solid Hard Beech Wood SumBlox with the New Deck of 80 Activity Cards includes 28 of the single blocks, 12 x two blocks, 8 x three blocks, 6 x four blocks, 4 of each 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 blocks and 2 x ten blocks! Now there is also included our all-new deck of 80 Activity Cards.

SumBlox building blocks help children learn a wide range of mathematical skills through play. With the hands-on discovery, children explore new ideas for themselves. Simply build a tower to understand 3 x 3 = 9. Each block's size is reflective of its numerical value. Seeing the mathematical problems take physical shape helps the child significantly in understanding new ideas.

The Basic Set of SumBlox provides the perfect number of blocks to start working on various kinds of math problems with your children. These are great accessories for Montessori education. I used them with my students to allow them to explore number sense, adding to ten, skip counting, adding, and repeated addition. The students really enjoy them. I like that it is a hands-on concrete experience for the students as they develop valuable knowledge about numbers.

Another of my favorite things about SumBlox is that for every set sold, one tree is planted! My students gain valuable knowledge and the earth gains a valuable resource too! 


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