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5 Essential Reasons Why Every Kid's Party Needs A Plan

 This year, more than ever, we want to give our kids an amazing birthday party. Many parents are feeling the stress of the past year including telling their children that they couldn’t go to school, see friends, or have a big celebration for their birthday.  A birthday party is a perfect time to reset and have some fun.  Just be sure to have a plan so that you can enjoy the fun too and guests feel relaxed and included.

1 - Take the Stress Away 

Planning a party is always the hardest part. It can even take away from the fun of the actual party because of the stress it caused before it even started! Scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram trying to find the perfect theme is exhausting. The themes you find might not fit your child’s interests and what you find in stores or online never comes out exactly how you wanted it to. Taking that stress away is easy with BLUEPRINT, a party planning resource founded by Monique Banks and Ariel Banks Baker, a mother daughter duo that helps plan memorable birthday parties for families and their children. Over their 10 years of successful party planning experience, which includes planning over 3,000 parties, the team has learned that every child is unique, therefore each party should be unique. The two create a special party plan for each child, stripping away any stress that families might experience while trying to plan on their own. 

2 - What your Kid Wants and Needs 

BLUEPRINT prides itself on creating a party plan that is unique to each child.  Every child has different interests and activity levels that they like which is why they customize the party plan specific to every child. On the BLUEPRINT party website, there are 27 exciting pre-existing themes that are customized to your child and also an option to create a fully custom theme. Because each child wants and needs something different, BLUEPRINT knows how to find something that works for everyone and will create truly memorable moments. 

3 - Let the Good Times Roll 

It’s important to understand how a child’s birthday party should flow. It’s a delicate balance from organized chaos to out of control -- or boring.  Having a plan schedules the party from activity to activity. For most parents, gathering kids and keeping them organized is one of the most difficult parts of a party.  Luckily, this plan focuses on activities that keep each child engaged. The secret to success is that no activity runs longer than the children can handle. 

4 - Don’t Let your Wallet Cry 

Finding fun decorations and executing your child’s party to its fullest extent can end up costing a lot. Locating the perfect additions for certain activities can be exhausting too. This time when you plan a party, focus on what’s important. It’s not about high-cost cakes and d├ęcor, but the fun and feelings.  Each BLUEPRINT party plan includes every necessity needed for the fun activities that are scheduled. With the plan, there is no need to blindly shop for things that you might not even end up using! 

5 - Focus on Fun, Not What you Forgot 

As it already is, raising a child and making them happy can be difficult sometimes. Especially when it comes to planning a birthday party, there is always the fear of forgetting something, whether it be a minute detail or something major. Having a plan eliminates the stress. Each plan lists exactly how your party should flow, from beginning to end, to ensure that you have everything covered. Instead of running around at the last minute or trying to remember what you might have forgotten, with a plan you can participate and watch your child and guests enjoy their magical day that will never be forgotten. 

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