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Why Do Forehead Wrinkles Appear and How to Treat Them?


We convey our emotions and feelings more with facial expressions than words. Forehead wrinkles appear when we raise eyebrows in amazement, surprise, fear, and happiness.

In more technical terms, forehead wrinkles are produced by contractions of frontalis muscles on the forehead when we raise eyebrows. It pulls the skin up and causes the appearance of horizontal lines across the forehead.

These horizontal forehead lines become more permanent when we get older. Although aging is a normal process, there are certain lifestyle factors that result in the appearance of premature wrinkles and lines on the forehead. Here we have mentioned some of these factors that influence the development of wrinkles and what you can do to treat them.

Poor diet

Antioxidants are one of the biggest reasons why individuals must eat healthily. Not only do antioxidants promote skin health, but they also help get rid of free radicals - compounds that harmfully affect the skin. When the skin fails to repair itself effectively, it loses vital proteins such as elastin and collagen, which are essentials for smooth and youthful skin. Eat more vegetables and fruits, and maintain a diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

Not drinking enough water

Dehydration makes the skin dry and increases the chances of developing wrinkles and blemishes. An adequate amount of water intake helps in maintaining healthy, youthful skin. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day also keeps the body adequately hydrated. Caffeinated drinks, such as coffee and energy drinks, are other culprits of dehydration.

Sun exposure for prolonged periods

Direct sun exposure for prolonged periods increases the speed at which wrinkles grow. It also results in other skin conditions, including excess pigmentation and skin cancer. Though exposure to the sun leads to a beautiful golden-brown tan, the powerful UVA and UVB radiation also results in skin damage and the development of wrinkles and lines on the face, including the forehead. The best way to limit sun damage is to evade long-term contact to sun rays. Apply sunscreens over and again, especially if you have fair skin, lacking melanin and which gets sunburn easily.

Drinking and smoking

Drinking too much alcohol makes you feel exhausted and dehydrates the skin, which compromises not only your health but also your skin health. Alcohol intake also increases cortisol levels, which the body releases in response to stress. Both dehydration and increased cortisol levels affect the skin’s capability to repair and regenerate itself and decrease collagen production in the skin.

Smoking has plenty of harmful effects on skin health. Nicotine present in cigarettes causes the blood vessels to tighten, which reduces the blood supply. In response, the body produces harmful free radicals, and the skin tends to age faster than those of non-smokers.

What is the best treatment for forehead wrinkles?

Though maintaining a healthy diet and using beauty-care products are a few ways to diminish the appearance of horizontal forehead wrinkles, they are not as effective as other treatments. However, you can consider getting facelift treatment if you really feel like getting rid of such wrinkles from your face. 

You must contact a professional who can explain in detail the facelift and mini-facelift difference, so you can make the better choice for the treatment. You can easily reach out to the best facelift surgeons by finding them online. 

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