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What To Do After A Storm


Anything can – and will – happen during a storm. You might not notice those dark clouds forming above you. Then the downpour might be slow or abrupt. Some occurrences are harmless enough, while others can mean the end for some individuals. Regardless, it is paramount that you know what to do after such a disaster happens. So it is fortunate enough that you are reading this piece where you’ll learn all you need to know and do after a storm occurs.

First Thing’s First

You must check yourself and your loved ones, including pets, to find out if any of you have injuries or wounds. Storms cause so much damage and debris that you might not notice you have wood splinters or cuts from sharp flying objects. You can handle lesser cuts and abrasions without professional medical assistance. First aid kits will be your best friend for this kind of scenario. But if an injury is too much to handle, it would be best to take the person to the nearest medical facility. Once you finish clearing everyone out of the wreck is time you take in the damage to your property. 

The Property

You will notice that your house and the surrounding area has damage as you take a look around:

  • Some windows have hits thanks to tree branches 

  • There are misplaced plants and outside articles 

  • Some of your roof shingles are missing

  • Water lines have significant leaks and hits

  • There are power lines down due to the storm

What You Can Do

Do take note that you can do the following steps and tips once a storm passes and deals chaos in your locale.

  • Check-in with loved ones first to see if you can get any assistance.

  • When a flood occurs, do not immediately rush into the water. It might be electrically charged.

  • Secure any faucets and pipes inside and outside your home.

  • Shut down the main power switch. Doing so will prevent any electrical issues that might cause a fire.

  • Wear proper gear when handling things, such as broken glass, chipped wood, and so on.

  • Seal broken windows and doors temporarily with materials, such as plywood, plastic frames, and so much more.

  • Contact your insurance company

  • Get in touch with the local authorities regarding emergency services and assistance.

Speaking Of Insurance

You have the option to file for an insurance claim after a storm. Here is what you have to do.

  1. Contact the insurance company immediately. Doing so will make sure the process will start as soon as possible.

  2. Explain any special requirements or needs of your family. 

  3. The next step would be to document your loss. Once you do, the company will assess the damage to your home, vehicles, and other items to see what needs replacements and repairs.

  4. Take evidence of your loss. Having proof is always the best bet.

  5. Get in touch with your insurance company before you discard or throw away items with damage.

  6. Always keep a claimed journal with you. Take notes with who you speak to for a claim. Also, you have to document the time and date. In addition, you need to note down the topics you discuss regarding a claim. Keeping track of such information will assist you in the overall process.

Letting The Big Guns In

There might be a time where you cannot deal with the repairs on your own. That is the time you hire the services of a local after storm damage restoration Company. These companies specialize in after-storm scenarios, including repairs, clean-ups, and so on. Below are some of the services they offer:

  • Fallen tree removal

  • Boarding up

  • Fire and smoke clean-up

  • Water repellants 

  • Sandbagging

  • Demolitions

  • Roof repair

  • Insurance assistance

  • Water extraction

In addition, you do not need to visit a company office to inquire about related services. You can easily head online and start there. There are literally thousands of business concerns and sites that cater to storm repair and restoration. Doing so will save you so much time as you fix around your house and looking for damage. Check for a company or website’s authenticity or legitimacy, so you do not fall victim to a scam service. 

 As A Conclusion

Storm restoration is a lot of work. But you do not need to do all the repairs and replacements alone. You can ask your other family members to give you a hand. Or you can always contact a local storm repair and restoration company to work on your property. If you do, you can focus on other things while they do the restoration work.


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