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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Scary Spaghetti and Spooky Movie Saturday


Happy Saturday, friends! You may be wondering about today's post title, but I promise I'm not making any weird pasta today. The title is just a silly nod to D's interest (and R's emerging interest) in Creepy Pasta stories. We will, however, be watching spooky movies today. There are a few currently available to stream and I have a funny feeling they might disappear closer to Halloween.

Last Friday we attempted to have both girls watch IT (1990 version), but D fell asleep and R left asking to be called "when the scary parts happen". I am a little disappointed that they didn't love the movie, but I understand. 

Last Saturday we introduced D to The Ring, which managed to make us all jump. This Saturday, we will be watching The Grudge! First though, we'll watch a few movies that R will be able to enjoy with us, like these

Have a spectacular Saturday!

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