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Weekends with the Wigglesworths-It's a Rough Day


Hi friends! Today is going to be a rough one for many of us. I remember this day, 20 years ago, with near crystal clarity. Yesterday was the first time I really talked about it with my oldest. D's class had a discussion that stuck with her throughout the day and for the first time in a while, she asked me what I remember about it. For the first time ever I shared it all with her. It was certainly a tough conversation!

Today, I'll be doing my best to stay away from social media and the news. I will not ever forget what happened 20 years ago, but for my own mental health, this 'break' is absolutely necessary.  

Please, let this serve as a reminder to you that YOUR mental health is important. If the news reports and/or social media posts are too much. it is okay to take a step back and focus on your self care. It's going to be a rough day and it's okay to say to yourself- "self, I don't think I can handle this, I'm taking a break" and then actually take the break!  

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