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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- 3 Activities for the 3-Day Weekend

Happy Saturday, friends! The Wigglesworth crew has made it through the first week back to school and boy oh boy are we looking forward to this 3-day weekend. We have a few activities that we didn't get to during summer break, so we are looking to get a few of them in this weekend. 

1. Hike at Gillette Castle- We didn't get our annual visit in before school started, so this is at the top of the list of activities we are hoping to get in over the next three days. 

2. Visit Heublein Tower in Talcott State Park- We saw the tower, from afar, when we were on our way to visit the largest tree in Connecticut. We didn't know what the building was or exactly how to get to it, at first, but a quick internet search once we were home helped us figure it out. We are looking forward to seeing it up close real soon! 

3. Check out the abandoned neighborhood in a nearby town. I won't share the exact location because I'm not sure if the area is open to the public or not. I'm hoping we can access it without trespassing, but if not, I'm certain we will be able to find something else to do nearby. 

Have a spectacular Saturday! 

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