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Two Weeks with Baby C- We're Making It


Tomorrow will mark two weeks from Baby C's birthday. It's hard to imagine that time has passed so quickly already. Just two weeks ago, I was savoring the very last day of our family of four life, mourning the loss of life the way we knew it to be. I had the same reaction when Beanie was born five years ago, and mourned the loss of our family of three life, wondering if and how our son would ever adjust to life with a sibling, and life without his mom's undivided attention. Of course, time passed on, and while it was a hard adjustment for all, we now couldn't imagine life without sweet Bean, and the same goes for Baby C.

I never knew I would have the opportunity to have another baby. While we thought about it a year or two ago, we were in the middle of a life transition, and the timing just wasn't right. Once Covid came about, I put the idea of a third baby out of my mind. After all, I was getting older, not sure if I had the energy to do sleepless nights all over again, the inner strength to get through another pregnancy and inevitable c-section with triply hard recovery, and the thought of having a baby amidst a global pandemic was absolutely terrifying.

God reminded me in a big way that even though I make a lot of plans, organize my life to near perfection, and felt settled in my role of motherhood, that I am not the Author of Life- He is. The more I try to write my own story, the more I see that the pen is forced rather than free-flowing like a beautiful poem or dance. At thirty-eight years of age, you'd think that I would know better, but hey, I'm human. Baby C has turned out to be the blessing I didn't know I needed. Even with a happy marriage, two beautiful children, a beautiful home, and successful business, life was beginning to feel a bit stagnant. Our precious new baby brings new life and great joy to our family and household. I'm watching my older two children both take on roles of big brother and sister, my middle child fulfilling her five years of life-long dream of being a big sister, and the oldest being so much more grown up and independent. The older kids are leaning on each other, and I thank God that they have one another, and despite their five year age gap, have such a wonderful, loving relationship with one another.

As a family, we're still doing the same old things- just a bit differently. While it's challenging to make sure everyone has what they need when they need it, life is a whole lot sweeter than it was before (and it was pretty darn sweet then!). While hubby and I aren't as well-rested as we were a few months ago, we're making it. We're probably being the best parenting partners we've been in all of our eleven years of parenthood, and I'm grateful for the friend and partner we have in one another.

Tomorrow, we'll take Baby C for her two-week check-up. We'll see if she's reached her birthweight back, if her jaundice is cleared up, and we'll have reached yet another of life's amazing milestones.

Promise to keep you posted. In the meantime, thanks to you all for your love, encouragement, and support. I'm reading all of your comments and feeling all of the love you're pouring out for our family. Thanks from the bottom of my heart- it all means more than you could know!

Wishing you wonderful blessings on the week ahead.

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