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Stay Asthma Aware this Fall Season with OMRON #OMRON


This is a sponsored post on behalf of OMRON. All thoughts are my own.

It's finally fall! The long-awaited fall season has finally arrived in all its glory, and my family couldn't be happier. Fall is our absolute favorite season of the year, and while we love cozying up in blankets and sweaters and enjoying outings such as apple picking and visits to the pumpkin patch, we know all too well that we're likely in store for some unfun allergy and asthma problems. That's right, I'm an asthma mom with three kiddos and a husband who suffer horribly from fall allergies. While we do our best to manage these allergies from season to season, my oldest (a son, ten years old) suffers the worst, battling hayfever, which often sets off his asthma this time of year.

After years of suffering and treating his allergy symptoms with OTC medications, my husband and I noticed our son's symptoms becoming worse. A lightbulb went off in my head, remembering that my sister also had hayfever, which paved the way for her asthma to settle in and take hold during the summer and fall seasons. I recalled how much she suffered when we were kids and vowed that my kids wouldn't have to live their lives on the sidelines because of allergy-related asthma.

Enjoying the fall season in the mountains of NC, back when we were just a family of three.

A quick trip to our doctor was all it took for an asthma diagnosis for our son. She prescribed an inhaler, as well as an albuterol prescription to be used with a nebulizer at home. While the thought of my son having to use these medical devices intimidated me at first, I knew that it was my job to 'mom up' and research/learn more about how they could and would help us manage his asthma.

It's no secret that asthma cases tend to rise during the month of September. In fact, the third week in September just so happens to be Asthma Awareness Week. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) around 25% of asthma-related hospital stays in children happen in September. I can only imagine how other asthma families must feel this fall as kids go back to school after having been virtual for over a year prior. If kiddos are masked at school (like mine is), it's safe to say that their allergies and asthma symptoms are even worse simply because it's more difficult to breathe in general with a mask on. While an inhaler is helpful when we're on the go, or while my son is at school, we sometimes need better, longer breathing treatments that really will help him get his asthma under control. That's why we turned to OMRON Healthcare’s products last spring, and have continued using them to help manage our son's asthma ever since.

For over fifty years, OMRON has been encouraging people to take charge of their own health at home, so they can live their fullest, healthiest lives. With healthcare products geared toward respiratory health, OMRON's personal nebulizers make it so much easier for families to manage asthma from season to season, no matter where they are.

We have used and loved our experience with OMRON's CompAir Compressor Nebulizer for Kids, which I will share more about in a later post. Being able to have a compact, portable nebulizer which was designed for children has made our personal lives so much better! Since it's battery-powered, it can be taken to and used at school, if need be, which makes this asthma mom feel so much better about how asthma attacks are handled when I'm not able to be with my son. I'm passionate about OMRON's wonderful products because they have worked so well for our family, particularly our son, who is usually anxious about using healthcare products. We've seen such an improvement in the way he handles and reacts to asthma attacks because of OMRON's specialized products for asthma.

Long-live time spent outdoors this fall, thanks to a little help from our OMRON nebulizers.

While fall has only just begun and we still have quite a ways to go before winter sets in, we know that we'll be able to enjoy the season because we have the proper tools to combat any allergy-induced asthma attack that comes our son's way. So, bring on the hayrides, hikes, bonfires, and days at the apple orchards. We'll have our OMRON nebulizer with us wherever we go this fall, knowing that our son is able to be cared for, should an asthma attack arise.

Do your kiddos suffer from asthma, or have you wondered if they might have asthma?

Don't wait to talk to your doctor! Make an appointment to address your concerns and ask whether or not a nebulizer might be a good option for your child. Questions about asthma and how OMRON can help? Be sure to visit OMRON Healthcare to read more about their respiratory health products and how they can help your asthma patient.

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How do you manage your family's fall allergies and asthma? Be sure to drop a comment below or on MBP's social media to join the conversation.

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