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Are you a full-figured woman looking for some inspiration on how to look like a peach on a casual evening? Well, (a) you're already stunning and, (b) we have some outfit ideas that'll get the job done. 

Not so long ago, being supermodel slim was the standard of "pretty." However, fast forward to 2021, size 15/16 and beyond is now the new normal. A growing number of brands are now embracing inclusive designs and sizes. All signs point towards a tomorrow where size is nothing but a number. 

However, styling an outfit according to your body does not mean learning how to 'cover' the so-called 'problem areas' or wearing tent-like fits. Why? Because all bodies are gorgeous, and everyone deserves to wear what makes them feel good and confident. 

Unfortunately, shopping as a full-figured woman can be tricky – and putting together an outfit for the evening that is synergic in style and aesthetic can be even harder, as there are meager choices for bigger sizes in the market compared to typical ones. 

But fear not; we're here to make the process of "looking good" easier on you. After all, what we wear is a substantive part of our lives, and style is all about expressing our inner selves.

To help you get started on your style, here are a few mesmerizing outfit ideas you can consider to drop jaws on a casual evening.

  1. High-waist skinny jeans

Skinny jeans have been around in the fashion industry for more than you think. Why? Well, because they are trendy, fashionable and work with all body types. Not just that, skinny jeans are a timeless piece, meaning you can wear them in all seasons. 

Your job is to find skinny jeans plus size pair that is stretchable and fits well with your skin. A high-waist pair can work wonders for plus-sized women as it defines your waistline and covers your belly. Then, wear it with the right top.

Also, you can prefer to go with darker shades as darker colors tend to tune out the lumpy parts of the body. They make you look long and sexy. Moreover, avoid wearing low-rise jeans because they will subdivide your belly and give you muffin-tops. 

  1. Give out boss-lady vibes in a Pantsuit. 

Nothing screams "boss lady" like a pantsuit. It is one outfit idea that will have you looking well-coordinated and bolder than ever. It is a must-have option for every woman, plus-size or not.

Dress from head to toe in a matching pantsuit in a single, eye-catching solid color for a powerful visual impact. Choose more modern blazer silhouettes, such as knotted or wrap blazers, for plus sizes. 

Choose a pantsuit with culottes or a flared pants instead to give yourself a taller stature and a striking evening look. No doubt, this outfit is an elevated must-have that will boost your confidence at every turn. 

Pro tip: When it comes to pantsuits, fit is everything; do not size up or down, and take proper body measurements when selecting your set. Choose a high-waist option for the pants, and make sure the jacket fits nicely on the shoulder areas for a neat look.

  1. A little black dress

What woman doesn't adore a little black dress? This dress has a way of making women feel adorable, fashionable, and self-assured. It is a must-have in every woman's wardrobe because it is appropriate for any occasion and can be worn all year. 

There are numerous fabrics and designs to choose from to create the ideal plus-size outfit for any body type for little black dresses. Your personal preferences and taste will determine the structure, fit, style, and length of the material. 

The best part about these tiny dresses is that you can wear them to work, parties, or other occasions without second-guessing. All you need are a nice pair of shoes and some seasonal accessories.

  1. Play with monochromatic colors

Dressing in a single color makes you appear taller and thinner. All you need for this plus-size outfit is a neutral color: blue, grey, nude, black, or army green. You can spice up the look by layering it with a brightly colored jacket, earrings, shoes, or a scarf. 

You can also use different fabrics and textures if you use a solid color. As an example, a leather jacket, denim jeans, or a cotton top. 

When you wear two prints or colors, the eye is drawn to the point where the colors meet, usually at the waist. So ensure to play your color cards right.

  1. Go plaid

Plaid, as if it'll ever go out of style! Make this perennially popular trend more current this season by incorporating embellishments such as ruffles, fur, and florals. Here's how you can rock a plaid.

Wear a matching skirt and plaid jacket for a Clueless-inspired '90s look. Also, with a cute T-shirt, you can break boulders at your evening party.

Be daring and mix prints—pair plaid with florals, stripes, or polka dots in similar colors to add a cool edge. Plaid bare-shoulder tops and casual dresses will up the trend factor as well. 

Moreover, to strike a balance with your look, mix plaid pieces with your favorite plus-size essentials.

  1. Lastly, don't hide your curves – be confident. 

Your curves are stunning, but wearing oversized clothing can make you appear larger and conceal your distinctive feminine shapes and curves. 

Of course, clingy clothing has the opposite effect; it gives the wrong impression about your size and draws attention to every detail of your body. The rule here is to play with proportions and showcase your best features. 

Adding a belt to your outfit will help you achieve an hourglass figure and highlight your beautiful curves. Just focus on displaying what you adore about your body! If you want to conceal your stomach, wear an A-line skirt with a wide belt to hide it.

How do you feel about your legs? Show them off to the rest of the world! Finding the right clothing will allow you to highlight the parts of your body that you like and make you feel beautiful and confident in your skin.

To Sum it Up

We hope these tips were enough to help you pick or create the right outfit for your casual evening. 

Remember, just because you're a big girl doesn't mean you stop wearing bold clothing. In our opinion, everyone is unique - all it takes is the proper outfit and a dash of confidence to make a statement.

After all, nothing is more erratic than a woman being comfortable in her own imperfections. So embrace your lumps and wear whatever you want because the world is your fashion oyster!

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